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Are you allowed to wear your fathers medals?

‘The official rules for wearing medals allow only official awards to be worn. The medals awarded to a deceased Service/ex-Service person may be worn on the right breast by a near relative (mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, daughter and son). Not more than one group should be worn by any individual’….

Has a woman ever been awarded the Victoria Cross?

Elizabeth Webber Harris (1834–1917) was an English nurse who was awarded a replica Victoria Cross (VC) in 1869, with the permission of Queen Victoria, for her bravery during a cholera outbreak in India. She remains the only woman to be awarded a VC of any description.

Who gets the Imperial Service Medal?

The Imperial Service Medal, affiliated with the Imperial Service Order, was instituted on 8 August 1902 (Gazette issue 27463) to reward civil servants (on retirement) for at least 25 years of loyal and meritorious service to the Crown.

How do I get an Imperial Service Medal?

Civil servants who complete 25 years’ service are eligible for the Imperial Service Medal (ISM) upon retirement. The medal is a silver circular medal bearing the effigy of the reigning monarch on the obverse, and the motif of a man resting after work with the legend ‘For Faithful Service’ on the reverse.

What is the lowest rank of Knights in the British Honours system?

The orders are now awarded mainly to civilians and service personnel. Ranks in the Order are Knight or Dame Grand Cross (GBE), Knight or Dame Commander (KBE or DBE), Commander (CBE), Officer (OBE) and Member (MBE).

Can an OBE be called sir?

Men who receive this honour are given the title Sir, while women receiving the honour are called Dame. The award is given for an exceptional achievement in any activity. As well as a CBE, people can also be awarded an Officer (OBE) or Member (MBE).

What do they call a female knight?