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Can donkeys eat weeds?

ANSWER: Donkeys eat meadow grasses and “weeds”, but they also will eat tree leaves and even tree bark. They also love things like carrots and apples and, as you have learned, your ornamental lawn plants. Good luck with the donkeys!

Do donkeys eat lavender?

While Lavandula, lavender, is a lovely fragrant herb, it is not native. It is sometimes used by chefs, but mostly to add fragrance, and some species are suspected of having neurotoxic qualities, so you might not want your little donkeys having that for a snack.

Can donkeys eat goat feed?

Donkeys are different from horses in many ways, therefore they should not be fed like horses and they are not ruminants so they must not be fed like cattle, sheep or goats.

Can donkeys eat avocados?

Horses, donkeys and ruminants like sheep and goats frequently get swollen, edematous heads and necks. When using avocado in your diet, be sure to be mindful of its potential danger to your pets or animals on your farm. If an animal ingests avocado, prompt decontamination is essential to prevent serious symptoms.

Are acorns bad for donkeys?

Oak trees (Quercus sp.) and acorns contain tannins which can cause significant stomach upset and potentially colic. Horses and donkeys are less likely to show damage to the kidneys than cattle are.

Are oak trees toxic to horses?

Oak leaves and acorns are poisonous to horses in large amounts due to their toxin tannic acid. This chemical can cause kidney damage and gastroenteritis. The Symptoms of Oak poisoning include lack of appetite, depression, constipation, diarrhea (which may contain blood), blood in urine, and colic.

Can donkeys eat maple leaves?

MAPLE LEAF TOXICITY Albeit the maple leaf is beautiful, the wilted leaves can be fatal to horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, and even zebras. The Red Maple (Acer rubrum; also called the Swamp Maple) is known to be toxic to horses, it has been suggested by researchers that other maple trees can be just as poisonous.