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Can I put sticks in my hamster cage?

Use natural wood. Chemicals found in paint and pesticides used to treat some wood could be extremely toxic to your hamster. Skewer sticks, that you can typically purchase in your grocery store, offer a good option since you know they are safe for human use, which means they are also safe for your hamster.

What can I give my hamster to gnaw on?

While wood is the most natural chewing material, you can give your hamster dog biscuits that are free of garlic. Hard, crunchy treats will help grind the teeth down. Another option is paper towel rolls. These make a good chewing material, and hamsters love to hide out in them.

Is it OK for hamsters to chew on wood?

Wood works well as a nice chew toy for hamsters, offering both entertainment and a hard surface for grinding down their teeth. Look for hardwood that has not been treated with chemicals or painted. Wood from fruit trees also works.

Can Chinchilla eat pine cones?

And since chinchillas constantly chew on wood, it is important that only safe varieties be used in and around their cages. We’ve used apple, aspen, kiln-dried pine, and pine cones with no ill effects to our chinchillas.

Can I give my bunny pine cones?

Dried pine cones are a safe and natural toy for pet rabbits. Pine cones are ideal for rabbits that love to chew, and can result in hours of fun. It is important that they be prepared and dried before giving them to rabbits in order for them to be safe for chewing.

Can hamsters eat acorns?

Before we look at why using acorns as hamster food is not recommended, it is important to understand that they are not toxic to your hamster. Acorns can be highly toxic to some animals, particularly horses. If they eat a large enough quantity, the humble acorn could kill a horse. But for hamsters, they are harmless.

What hamsters can eat list?

The ideal hamster diet will include:

  • Commercial hamster pellets (not a muesli-style mix). You can buy these in pet shops.
  • Small amounts of fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs.
  • Timothy hay.
  • Occasional treats, like nuts, boiled egg or mealworms.
  • You hamster will also need constant access to clean, fresh water.