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Can the Amazon store card be used anywhere?

No, you cannot use your Store Card anywhere; this card can only be used to make purchases from,, and certain Amazon merchants who have enabled the store card as a “Pay With Amazon” payment option.

Is an Amazon store card worth it?

The Store Card could be a good option if you’ll be spending a lot of money on Amazon, and want to pay off those purchases over time. If not, there will be better cards for you. 5% cash back is a good reward rate for Amazon, especially because you won’t find many cards with Amazon as a bonus category.

How long does it take to get approved for an Amazon card?

two to four weeks

Can I cancel my Amazon store card?

To cancel your Store Card, call (866) 634-8379 or the number on the back of your card. But make sure to pay down any outstanding balance you might have on your account first. Canceling a credit card may have a negative effect on your credit score, so it’s probably best to just leave it open and unused.

How do I use my Amazon refund?

When returning an item, you can choose your preferred refund method in the Returns Center. If you’re receiving a refund after we have received your item, it may take an additional three to five business days to process your return fully and issue your refund.

How do I use my Amazon store card?

Proceed to checkout through your Shopping Cart. Select your Store Card or Amazon Secured Card as the payment method. Select your desired special financing or equal monthly payments offer for your order. Once your desired financing offer is selected, complete your checkout.

Do Amazon card rewards expire?

There are no point maximums or earning limits. Points don’t expire as long as you are a cardholder. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card members are automatically enrolled in the Shop with Points program.

Can you buy things on Amazon with cash?

Two ways to shop with cash on Amazon Simply choose Amazon PayCode at checkout or add cash to your Amazon balance with Amazon Cash. All with no fees.