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Can we store CUSO4 in iron container and why?

No, because iron is more reactive than copper, therefore reaction will take place.

What is observed when you put some zinc pieces into blue copper sulphate solution?

When zinc pieces are put into blue colour copper sulphate solution, Zinc displaces copper from copper sulphate solution. In this process, blue copper sulphate solution turns into colourless. No reaction, As Cu is less reactive than iron. So, it cannot displace iron from its salt solution.

When Zn piece is kept in CUSO4?

The copper gets precipitated due to standard reduction potential of zinc less than that of copper.

Can we replace Cu from CuSO4 solution using Ag?

Iron metal is more reactive than copper. Therefore, it can displace copper from copper sulphate (CuSO4) solution. Cu is less reactive than iron, therefore, cannot replace iron from iron sulphate (FeSO4).

Which metal will react readily with cold water?

Reactivity series of metals

Order of reactivity Metal Reactions with water or steam
Second most reactive sodium (Na) vigorous reaction with cold water
Third most reactive calcium (Ca) less vigorous reaction with cold water
least reactive magnesium (Mg) slow reaction with cold water, vigorous with hot water

Which metal is react with hot water?

Metals like aluminium, iron and zinc do not react either with cold or hot water. But they react with steam to form the metal oxide and hydrogen. Metals such as lead, copper, silver and gold do not react with water at all. 3.2.

Which metal reacts with both hot water and steam?

Sodium metal

What happens when Aluminium reacts with boiling water?

Due to its highly negative redox potential, aluminium reacts with water to produce hydrogen gas according to the equation: 2Al + 3H2O → 3H2 + Al2O3. This chemical reaction may be of particular importance when it occurs between the strands of an aluminium conductor.

Which metal reacts with steam only?

Aluminium metal