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Can you overhang double yellow lines?

If any part of your vehicle overhangs the yellow lines you could be issued with a ticket. However, in law it may be possible to argue that the matter is too trivial and is not worth judicial scrutiny- this approach may or may not be successful.

Can you turn left on a solid yellow line BC?

You may turn left — including turning left over a solid double yellow line — if you do this carefully and safely and don’t impede other traffic, and there are no signs prohibiting such turns. In parts of B.C., some traffic lanes are reserved for different types of vehicles.

Can you turn left on a solid line?

According to Alberta’s road rules, motorists are prohibited from making a left turn against double solid yellow lines, which in this case effectively restricts east-bound drivers from accessing businesses on the north side of Main Avenue, while west-bound drivers can no longer access the gas station on the south side …

When can a solid line can be crossed?

When the white line separating traffic lanes is solid, it is not legal to cross such a line to change lanes. These solid white lines often precede an intersection with a marked crosswalk.

What does a single broken line mean?

A single, broken yellow centerline shows the center of a two-way, two-lane road. Passing is permitted on either side, if safe conditions exist. When passing, you must use the lane belonging to oncoming traffic.

What do yellow broken lines indicate?

Line Colors Solid yellow lines mark the center of a road used for two-way traffic. Broken yellow lines indicate that you may pass if the broken line is next to your driving lane. Two solid yellow lines indicate no passing.

What type of signs are yellow diamonds?

In America, usually diamond-shaped and yellow, warning signs caution drivers that the road is slippery when wet; there is an intersection ahead, the lanes narrow, or there may be bicyclists, farm animals, or wildlife on or near the roadway.