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Can you see what websites you visit on your phone bill?

No. Your internet history never appears on your bill. However, deleting your history on your device does not erase all evidence of you having visited a site. Service provider will still have track of all those sites which you have visited and these information will not be captured in phone bill.

Can phone account holder see Internet history?

Yes, both your carrier and your parents can view your internet history if they know what they are doing. The carrier is not legally allowed to release any information about your account without a court order from a judge (which are rare & difficult to get).

How can I see what websites have been visited on my AT router?

The device information populates. Click the blue link below “SIM #” or “Month to Date Usage (MB)”. Click Connection History.

Does AT monitor Internet use?

AT will no longer monitor the Web surfing habits of home internet customers using its fastest, gigabit speed connections, the company said Friday. U-verse customers could pay $100 a month for the super-speed connections and bar the company from tracking what data traveled to and from their homes.

Can ATT see your search history?

I have read that it is impossible to view the searches of other people on a family plan without using their device directly, and all that is viewable on the AT website is that data was used and the time and size associated with that usage. however, AT does collect it.

Can AT account holder see Internet history?

Can the AT account holder see internet history? The account holder can only view the call and text logs along with the amount of internet data used. Even with the AT Secure Family app, the account holder cannot view your AT internet history log.

What is the meaning of incognito mode?

Browsing in Incognito mode means your activity data isn’t saved on your device, or to a Google Account you’re not signed into. For example, you may use Incognito mode to shop online for a birthday gift for a family member who shares your device.