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Can you use a Kroger gift card to buy another gift card?

I’m 95% sure you can’t. I’m 100% sure you can. I asked the service manager at my store today and no, at King Soopers (Colorado), you cannot use a Kroger gift card to buy other gift cards because some non-profits have an incentive program where they get a discount when they buy Kroger gift cards.

How do you pump gas at Kroger?

Visit a participating Shell or Kroger gas station. Scan your Kroger Plus Card or present it to the cashier to receive the initial 10-cents per gallon discount. Use your 1-2-3 Rewards MasterCard to pay for your fuel at the pump or the cashier and receive an additional five-cent fuel discount.

Where does Kroger get their gas?

Most Kroger gas is supplied by Shell, which offers high-quality gas, but Kroger is not a TOP TIER licensee. Below, we have the details of who supplies Kroger’s gas and whether or not you can get TOP TIER gas at Kroger gas stations.

How do I scan my Kroger card at the gas pump?

Insert your credit or debit card after the reader at the pump notifies you that it received your Kroger Plus card if you are paying at the pump. If you are paying at the service window, provide your Kroger Plus card to the cashier as you are paying for your fuel.

Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information and input your Kroger Plus card number. Update or confirm your information. Enter NPO number (39950) or name of organization (Earl Smith Strand Theatre), select organization from list and click on confirm.

How do I change my Kroger card on the app?

Click on “My Account” and use your email address/password to proceed. Click on “Edit Kroger Community Rewards” info and input your Kroger Plus card number. Then, “Update” or confirm your info.

How do I delete my Kroger app?

How do I cancel my membership online?

  1. Log in and go to your Account Settings page.
  2. Locate the ‘Account Options’ section. Scroll to the very bottom of your Account Settings page, and locate the Account Options section.
  3. Select the “Cancel And Delete Account” button.
  4. Confirm Cancellation.

Can I change my Kroger alternate ID?

If your Kroger Plus card alternate ID is a home or cell phone number, you should change it immediately to a new 10-digit number. Guest services at any Kroger location can help you change the number within minutes and confirm it at one of the location’s U-Scan registers.