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Can you write on CDS with a Sharpie?

Yes, you can write directly on the disc. And yes, you can ruin the disc and maybe the drive when you do that – here’s how to make it work. Use a Sharpie. Other markers may also work fine, but some may not.

How do I print a document as a booklet?

Print a multi-page document as booklet:

  1. Choose File > Print.
  2. Select a printer from the menu at the top of the Print dialog box.
  3. In the Pages to Print area, select which pages you want in the booklet.
  4. Under Page Sizing & Handling, choose Booklet.

How do I print a booklet in open office?

  1. Start OpenOffice.
  2. Click “Format” and “Page” to open a dialog window.
  3. Click “File” and “Print,” then select the “Page Layout” tab.
  4. Click the “Brochure” button, select “Back sides / Left pages” from the “Page sides” drop-down and click “Print” to print the left-side pages.

How do I make a booklet in Libreoffice?

Goto tab Page Layout and select the option Brochure . Goto tab General and click on button Properties . That opens the dialog of your printer driver. In that dialog set the paper sheet size twice of your document size, that means for document size DIN A5 you need paper sheet size DIN A4.

How do I make a book in open office?

How to Layout a Book with Part 1

  1. Click “Format” in the menu and then click “Page…”
  2. Enter in your custom width and height.
  3. Create a title page.
  4. Create the title page verso.
  5. Click “Format” and “Paragraph”.
  6. Insert another page break, and you can enter any number of optional pages such as a dedication.
  7. Insert a page break and begin your text.

How do you print a booklet in Word 2010?

In the document that you want to print as a booklet, click the Page Layout tab and then click the Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher. In the dialog box, in the Multiple pages list, click Book fold.

How do I make a booklet in Word 2013?

Go to Page Setup – it’s at the bottom of the list of printer options. A small window will appear, just like the one below. In the Pages section, select Book fold in the Multiple pages section. Underneath it, have Sheets per booklet set to All.

How do I print a booklet in Word 2016?

To do that, click File > Print. You will get a visual idea of what your booklet looks like, if you want to make further adjustments, just click the Back button then make your changes. When you are ready to print the document, click in the Pages list box under Settings and select Manually Print on Both Sides.

How do I make an A5 booklet in Word?

How to Make an A5 Booklet in Word

  1. Open a blank document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Click the “Page Layout” tab in the Ribbon.
  3. Click the “Paper” tab in the “Page Setup” dialog box.
  4. Select “A5” as the paper size.
  5. Enter content as you normally would in a Word document.
  6. Click the “Microsoft Office Button,” then “Save as” to save the document.