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Do American Eagle gift cards work at aerie?

The AE Gift Card can be redeemed for merchandise only at any AE, AERIE or 77KIDS STORE as well as AE.COM, AERIE.COM OR 77KIDS.COM.

Can you return aerie to American Eagle?

1) Return to a Store (It’s Free!) Whether you bought your items online, by phone, or in any of our stores, you can return or exchange them at any AE, Aerie, or AE Factory store in Canada.

Where can I use my American Eagle Credit Card?

The AEO Connected® Credit Card can only be used at American Eagle and within their family of stores: AEO Factory Stores, Aerie, and their online retailers (, The AEO Connected® Visa® Credit Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Is the American Eagle Credit Card worth it?

Not great. Unless you shop at American Eagle every week and can rack up the rewards points while paying off the card every month, then it’s not worth your time to get this card. The rewards offered are small and the interest rate is huge.

Is an American Eagle Credit Card hard to get?

Credit Score Needed to Qualify for the American Eagle Card If you have low FICO credit scores, store cards are great tools for building good credit. You may qualify for the AE card with a credit score as low as the upper 500s or lower 600s. The American Eagle Visa card, however, requires a higher credit score.

How do I pay off my American Eagle Credit Card?

Just send a check or money order, along with the payment coupon attached to your credit card statement, to AEO, Inc. Credit Card Services / P.O. Box 530942 / Atlanta, GA To pay your American Eagle credit card bill by phone, call and use the automated system to make your payment.

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