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How do I activate Pro Tools on another computer?

To install Pro Tools First on additional computers, simply download and run the installer from your Avid account on the new system. Once the installation is complete, open the iLok License Manager program, then sign into your iLok account.

Can I install Pro Tools on external hard drive?

You install Pro Tools and all your software on your main system drive like normal, but when you create a new session you save it to your external drive. Now when you record audio it will be writing to one drive while your system drive is free to run Pro Tools. It’s a beautiful thing.

What is the best external hard drive for music production?

The Best External SSDs for Music Production

  • Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME SSD.
  • The Samsung T7 Portable SSD.
  • The Samsung 870 QVO SSD.
  • Glyph Atom SSD.

Can omnisphere run on an external hard drive?

So is it possible and will it work if i install Omnisphere on an external HD? Yes. Install the application on the system drive and install the STEAM library on an external.

Can you install komplete 10 on an external hard drive?

Installing Komplete content to an external drive Native Instruments Komplete content, particularly sound libraries, can take up a lot of space, so we recommend installing that content to a dedicated external hard drive. Download and install Native Access, then log in using your Native Instruments account credentials.

Can you run Logic Pro from an external hard drive?

If you open Logic Pro or MainStage without the external drive containing the Sound Library, you can choose what you want to do. To open Logic Pro or MainStage and use the Sound Library on the external drive, connect the external drive and click Retry.

How do I move my Apple Loops to an external hard drive?

GoTo Library on your Main Drive (Macintosh HD)… Click on Audio… then Apple Loops… then Apple… Select the Jam Packs you want to Move and Drag them to your External Drive… Create a New Folder for them and Name it… e.g Apple Loops External and Let them Copy over…

Can I transfer Logic Pro from one Mac to another?

Logic x can be installed on as many Macs you own as long as its your computer and you used the original apple id at the time of purchase. To install it on a new Mac just go to the app store and enter the original apple id that was used to purchase logic x and you will be able to download it again free of charge.

How do I transfer my plugins from one Mac to another?

Just open two finder tabs, that point to the same folder internal and external Then drag the missing plugins from the external SSD to the internal just make sure it’s the correct folder, because VSTs and AUs are placed in different folders.

How do I reinstall native instruments?

Reinstalling a Product with Native Access

  1. Open Native Access.
  2. Click the user icon in the upper right, choose Preferences and verify that the File locations are set to the correct paths on your hard drive.
  3. In the Installed products tab, place the mouse above FULL VERSION (or DEMO) in the product entry and click REINSTALL.

How do I add a Kontakt library to an external hard drive?

Installation on the First Computer In the Preferences, click the BROWSE button next to Content location. Navigate to the folder on your external hard drive where you want to install your KONTAKT libraries and confirm your selection. Then click SAVE in the Preferences window. Install all KONTAKT Libraries.

How do I move native instruments to external hard drive?

Moving a Native Instruments Product to Another Location on Your Computer

  1. Move your NI product to its new location.
  2. Launch Native Access.
  3. Go to the Installed products tab.
  4. Click on REPAIR and select RELOCATE in the drop-down menu.

Where is Native Instruments library?

The default location is: Mac: Macintosh HD > Applications > Native Instruments. Windows: C: > Program Files > Native Instruments.

How do I transfer native instruments to a new computer?

Just transfer them from your old PC to your new PC, in Native Access under “Not installed”, when you hover over a particular library, you will see that “Locate” will show up. Click there and point to the library. The only things you’ll have to redownload are the programs themselves: Kontakt, Reaktor, Absynth, FM8, etc.

Can I install Maschine software on two computers?

The end user license agreement (EULA) for Native Instruments products allows the simultaneous installation on two computers (three computers for all versions of MASCHINE and KOMPLETE), as long as only one installation is used at any given time.

How do I install Maschine on my new computer?


  2. STEP 2: ENTER SERIAL NUMBER IN NATIVE ACCESS. Select ‘Add serial’, and enter your MASCHINE serial number as shown on the flyer in your product box or on the underside of your hardware unit.

How do I move Native Instruments library?

How to Move a KONTAKT Library

  1. Move the Library to the desired location.
  2. Start KONTAKT.
  3. Click the Locate button.
  4. In the new window, click Browse for folder:
  5. Browse to the new location of the KONTAKT Library.
  6. Select your KONTAKT Library’s folder and click Choose / OK.