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How do I adjust the throttle on my Echo blower?

The “Hi” speed screw controls the amount of fuel at full throttle.

  1. Remove the air filter cover by unscrewing the knob.
  2. Turn the leaf blower off.
  3. Turn the idle speed screw until it barely touches the throttle plate.
  4. Start the leaf blower to let it warm up.
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How do you adjust the carburetor on a Echo PB 251 blower?

2-3 Adjusting carburettor

  1. Start engine and warm it up alternating engine.
  2. Adjust idle mixture needle (A) with 2.5 mm blade.
  3. Set idle speed to 3,500 r/min on PB-251, to 3,400.
  4. Turn idle mixture needle (A) anticlockwise to.
  5. Adjust hi speed mixture needle (B) to obtain.
  6. Turn hi speed mixture needle (B) anticlockwise.

How do you adjust a carburetor on a blower?

How to Adjust the Carb on a Homelite Blower

  1. Place the blower on a flat workbench. Locate the three adjustment screws found on the side of the carburetor, just below the air filter.
  2. Turn the “L” screw clockwise until the screw seats with the screwdriver.
  3. Turn the “H” screw clockwise until the screw seats.
  4. Rev the engine.

Why is my gas blower smoking?

A common, simple problem that may cause a leaf blower to smoke is improperly mixed fuel. Gas leaf blowers use a pre-mixed fuel that combines gasoline with a two-stroke engine oil. However, if the fuel mixture is improperly mixed, the fuel will burn poorly inside the cylinder, which may cause the engine to smoke.

How do I stop my small engine from smoking?

Troubleshooting and Fixing the Mower

  1. Check and replace the air filter.
  2. Check oil level, grade and type. Change the lawn mower oil if necessary.
  3. If oil has found its way onto the engine, let the mower run until the oil burns off harmlessly.
  4. Checking the angle at which you’re mowing.