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How do I download custom stories for Amnesia The Dark Descent?

It’s actually pretty simple:

  1. 1) You need to download a custom story from somewhere.
  2. 2) You will need to extract that archive you just got put the contents somewhere safe!
  3. 3) Now you will need to locate your custom stories folder!
  4. 4) Now you will have to put the folder you extracted into the “custom_stories”

How do I get Ashley’s clothes house party?

You have to go to the bathroom in the first floor of the house, near the kitchen. And find the Towel in the sink. You need to get it and give it to Ashley. This will complete the quest “Ashley’s Wet”.

How do I get Patrick sober in house party?

Patrick is a character in House Party. The only reason why Patrick is at the party is that he is the cousin of Ashley and Madison. He is completely drunk and carries a bottle of wine with him, which can be retrieved when you make either Madison or Frank beating him down.

Where is Patrick’s briefcase?

Re: How to get Patrick briefcase off roof? Get the broom from the closet in Madison’s art studio. Got to the briefcase. Select the Use With function and select the broom.

How do you lock the door in house party?

The key is just on the shelves on the top of the fireplace besides the picture frames and base. After getting that key, go to Madison’s Master Bedroom and there should be a new selection for “Lock”. You can now locked the door and talk to Katherine to get your reward.

How do you get Derek’s shirt off house party?

Get close to her after you’ve talked to everyone at the party (and unlocked some opportunities unrelated to the Amy quest) and she will approach you. Approach her again and ask to sign the petition to make Derek lift his shirt.

How do I get Leah house party?

– Find Leah in the bushes between the house and fire pit and crouch next to her with using “C”. Then talk to her and when asked about the Katana, tell her that it’s nothing but some cheap-o sword. – Wait with her for Frank to arrive outside so you can overhear him.