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How do you attract Moss?


  1. Find some “starter” moss.
  2. Place moss in a bowl (I used one that I use for mixing soil) and then added some buttermilk.
  3. When it looks like mud, use an old paintbrush to apply the moss onto any surface you want to grow moss.
  4. In a few weeks you’ll have moss growing all over the surfaces.

Can Christmas moss grow out of water?

Yes, it can be grown out of water, and it typically grows faster this way. It does need to be kept wet at all times; otherwise, it’ll dry up and die.

Does Christmas moss grow fast?

Christmas Moss is one of the most widely used plants in aquarium husbandry. Although the plant is not fast-growing, it can form a beautiful carpet moss in a freshwater aquarium.

What is the difference between Java Moss and Christmas Moss?

The christmas moss will be a little darker green than java moss, but you are right that they look similar in lower light. Java is indeed much finer. It is also more stringy. I have found java moss is not a good moss to use as a wall, but christmas moss drapes beautifully.

How long does it take for Java moss to attach?

About 3-4 weeks

How do I know if Java moss is growing?

Java moss that grows under water has bright green leaves that are much smaller than the leaves that grow on land. It uses rhizoids to attach itself to surfaces, however unlike roots, their purpose is only to attach them to an object rather than provide it with nutrients.

Why is my Moss Brown?

If your moss cushion squelches out water then it probably has too much water in there already. If your moss is sitting in water, in a hot spot for a long period of time, the generated humidity can turn the moss brown. Don’t do that.

Why is Moss Orange?

As the moss starts to die, it will turn orange-brown or golden brown. Once the moss is dead, remove it by raking.

Why is my moss yellow?

Water & Moisture Wherever moisture level is low, simply water the terrarium with a few pumps of spray to increase the moisture level. Inadequate amount of moisture will cause the mosses to dry out, turning yellow. Whereas excessive watering will cause your moss to rot.