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How do you demote the last item in a bulleted list?

Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Key Combination
Promote a list item [shift] + [tab] OR [control] + [shift] + [Left Arrow]
Demote a list item [tab] OR [control] + [shift] + [Right Arrow]
Demote to body text [cmd] + [shift] + [N]
Select list item above [control] + [shift] + [Up Arrow]

What does demote mean in Powerpoint?

Demoting a Paragraph To demote a paragraph is to move it down a level. All bullet points start at level 1.

How do I customize page numbers in pages?

Move the pointer over the top or bottom of the page until you see the three header or footer fields, then click the field you want to use (left, center, or right). in the toolbar, click the Document tab, then select the Header and Footer checkboxes). Click Insert Page Number, then choose a numbering style.

On the Insert tab, select Footer and click on Edit Footer. If you see a page number in the footer (at the bottom of page), select the number and press the Delete key. With the cursor in the footer, click Page Number and then Format Page Numbers.

How do I continue page numbers in section breaks?

If you have a document, do the following for each section:

  1. In the section, click into the header or footer of the section.
  2. In the Header & Footer Design Tools menu, select Page Number –> Format Page Numbers…
  3. In the Page Numbering section, select “Continue from Previous Section”.

What is Insert Page Break?

What are Page Breaks? Insert a page break when you want to move to the beginning of the next page in your document. Using page breaks, your text will retain the formatting of the previous page in your document. Using a page break will also ensure that the space between pages remains intact, whatever changes you make.

What is hard page break?

The hard page break puts the next word at the top of a new page. If you use carriage returns, your document will become impossible to edit—as soon as you change anything before the page break, the text will go out of alignment. The hard page break guarantees consistent behavior.

What are the different options to break the text?

These breaks include Page, Column, Text Wrapping, and Section. Explanation: These breaks include Page, Column, Text Wrapping, and Section.