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How long does it take to go through the St Louis Zoo?

4-7 hours

How much is parking at the St Louis Zoo?

Zoo North & South Parking Lots

Type Cost Notes
Cars $15 per vehicle**
Oversized Vehicles under 24 feet*** $30 per vehicle** Limited; South Lot Only

Can you bring water bottles into the St Louis Zoo?

The free passes may be obtained at the Visitor Relations booth at Lakeside Crossing and the Rentals Desks at both Zoo Entrances. Coolers and picnic baskets are permitted on the Zoo grounds. (Glass bottles are prohibited.)

Can I take my dog to the St Louis Zoo?

Can I bring my pet to the Zoo? Dogs or other pets are prohibited. See Zoo Services and Policies for information about service animals.

Does St Louis Zoo have metal detectors?

No metal detectors or guards. In St Louis you need to be more careful where the animals don’t have bars around them.

How many animals are at the St Louis Zoo?


How much does it cost to go to the St Louis Arch?

Tickets and cost of visiting the Gateway Arch The basic weekend price of going inside the arch is currently $12-16 for adults (less if you have a National Park Passport) and $8-12 for children under 15.

Can you walk up the St Louis Arch?

There are 1076 steps in the stairways of each leg, and they are used by maintenance personnel only; visitors are not allowed to walk up or down. Is the Arch moving? The Arch is designed to sway as much as 18 inches, and can withstand an earthquake, however under normal conditions the Arch does not sway.

Can you go to the top of the Gateway Arch?

Shaped by the inspired design of Finnish-America architect Eero Saarinen, the Gateway Arch celebrates the westward expansion of the United States and the pioneers who made it possible. Then, be transported 630 feet to the top of America’s tallest monument. Each tram tour has an anticipated duration of 45-60 minutes.

How much does the St Louis Art Museum cost?

Public: $15 daily. Members: $5 daily.

How big is the St Louis Art Museum?

224,000 square feet

What is the biggest mall in St Louis?

St. Louis Centre