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How many arrangements can be made out of the word mother?

There are six letters in MOTHER, all different, i.e. arrangement can be made out of the letters of the word MOTHER taken four at a time with M present in every arrangement.

How many different arrangements of letters can we have from the letters of the word mother?

6 different

How many permutations are there of the letters taken all at a time of the word distinct?

No. of Permutations=3360.

What is the rank of the word Suriti?

We get 3P3​=3!= 6 words beginning with SUI, after which comes the words SURIIT and SURITI. Thus the rank of SURITI is 12+12+6+2=236. Sum of digit is 11. Answer verified by Toppr.

What will be the 50th word?

and so yes, the 50th word will start with N (N starts the words 49 – 60).

How do I check the ranking of words?

Rank of a word – without repetition of letters

  1. Step 1: Write down the letters in alphabetical order. The correct order will be B, I, O, P, S.
  2. Step 2: Find out the number of words that start with a superior letter.
  3. Step 3: Solve the same problem, without considering the first letter.

What is the rank of the word small?

Step-by-step explanation: rank will be 58 thi is the answer of this question.

What is the rank of the word school?

Therefore, the rank of the word SCHOOL = 302 + 1 = 303.

How many words can be formed from the letters of the word committee?

The word ‘COMMITTEE’ has 9 letters. So it can be permuted in 9!

How many new words are possible from the letters of the word permutation?

Explanation: There are 12 letters in “Permutations” – 1 P and 1 S (we’ll work with the other letters in a minute). and so on, for a total of 7 placements. We can also reverse the order of P and S, thus doubling the number of placements to 14.

How do you find the permutation of a word?

To calculate the amount of permutations of a word, this is as simple as evaluating n! , where n is the amount of letters. A 6-letter word has 6! =6⋅5⋅4⋅3⋅2⋅1=720 different permutations.

How many ways can the letters words can be arranged online?

= 120 ways. Therefore, there are a total of 24 x 120 = 2880 ways to arrange the letters in the word “COMPUTER” if the vowels occupy the even positions.

How many permutations of the letters of the word Apple are there?


How many permutations of the letters of the word Apple are there a 600 B 120 C 240 D 60?

Answer. Answer: There are 60 permutations required for the word ‘APPLE’.

How many permutations of 3 different digits are there?

There are permutations of 3 digits because there are 10 numbers for each digit.

How many permutations are possible with the letters ABC?

720 permutations