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How many calories are in a bag of Act 2 butter popcorn?

Act II

Product Name Calories
Butter Popcorn 2 tbsp unpopped 120
Buttered Popcorn 1 bag unpopped 180
Buttery Kettle Corn 2 tbsp unpopped 150
Buttery Popcorn Salt 0.25 tsp unpopped 0

How many calories are in a bag of microwave popcorn Act 2?

It is hard to tell by description. It says there are 2.5 servings in the whole bag 140 calories per serving.

How many calories in an entire bag of microwave popcorn?

A 100-gram bag of microwave popcorn contains between 424 and 557 calories. When popcorn is made without oil or butter and eaten in moderation, it’s a healthy, fiber-rich snack. However, eating a whole bag of microwave popcorn — particularly if it’s flavored with butter — won’t do your health any good.

Is microwave popcorn high in calories?

But is the microwave snack healthy? 4/5 experts say yes. “Whole grain corn, per se, is a high-fiber, low-calorie, fairly nutritious snack—and that’s what you get with air-popped popcorn,” says Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center.

How many cups are in a bag of Act II popcorn?

13 cups

How many cups of popcorn is in a bag?

How much popcorn does a bag of microwave popcorn make? (For comparison purposes 1 regular sized bag of Microwave popcorn yields approximately 4.5 cups of popped popcorn.)

How many cups of popcorn are in a small bag?

11 cups

How fattening is movie theater popcorn?

A large AMC popcorn, without butter, contains 1,030 calories and 41 grams of fat. Moving along to Regal Cinemas, things get even heavier. There are a couple of differing calorie counts for a small, unbuttered popcorn, but they range from 325 calories and 27 grams of fat to 670 calories and 34 grams of fat.

How many calories are in a bucket of popcorn?

611 calories

Is buttered popcorn unhealthy?

Depending on its preparation, popcorn can be a healthful snack. When air-popped, unsweetened, and unsalted, popcorn contains plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs. That said, added butter, sugar, and salt can make popcorn an unhealthful snack.