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How many seeds do you put in one hole?

three seeds

How many tomato seeds do you plant in one hole?

Basically, we would recommend planting two seeds per hole and, if both happen to germinate, simply plucking out the shorter or weaker sprout. This applies to both planting in the ground and planting in a pot – going for two seeds is the option that guarantees better germination rates.

How long do seeds last in packets?

Most vegetable seeds remain good for about two to three years, but some, such as onions, deteriorate within a year and others such as lettuce, can successfully sprout after five years. The table below lists average years of viability for well-stored vegetable seeds, compiled from regional sources.

Where is the best place to store seeds?

Keep seeds out of direct sunlight in a cool spot that maintains a fairly consistent temperature. Consider a cold closet, a basement, or a room on the north side of your home that remains cool year round. Freezing isn’t necessary for short-term storage, but you can refrigerate seeds, provided they are sufficiently dry.

What is the best way to store seeds for next year?

How to Store Leftover Seeds for Next Year’s Garden Season

  1. Label Envelopes with the Date and Seed Type. It’s best to group seed packets that expire at the same time together.
  2. Place Envelopes in Glass Jars with Tight Lids.
  3. Keep the Seeds Dry Using a Silica Gel Packet or Raw Rice.
  4. Store Seeds in a Cool and Dry Location, Like the Refrigerator.

How do you dry and store seeds?

Place in a jar of water and leave for a few days, swirling them in the water daily. After a few days, the seeds should have come free from the pulp and sunk to the bottom. Pour the liquid away and rinse the seeds. Leave them to dry on a paper towel and, when fully dry, store in an envelope in a cool, dry place.

Why do we need to dry seeds?

When seeds are in a damp area or container, they will develop mold which is not good for seeds. Some pests may feed on wet seeds, so it is important to dry them in order to avoid pests and diseases that can easily attack seeds when they are wet.

How long does it take to dry out seeds?

If you collect berries or other fruits, either remove the seeds from the fruit before drying, or dry them fruit and all and dissect them later. When the pods and seed heads feel totally dry—which can take anywhere from a week to four weeks —shake the seeds into an envelope or paper bag.

What are the methods of storing seeds?

6 Tips to Preserving and Storing Organic Seeds from Your Home or Community Garden

  • Clean Your Seeds Promptly After Removing them from Your Plants.
  • Dry Your Seeds Before Storing.
  • Freezing Seeds for Long Term Storage.
  • Open Area Storing of Seeds for Shorter Term.
  • Monitor the Seed Storage Environment Once Per Month.