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How much does it cost to become a Mary Kay consultant?

Mary Kay® Starter Kit for $130** Full-sized products and samples (valued at $400†). Free apps to help you sell Mary Kay® products anytime, anywhere.

Who is the audience for Red Jacket’s speech?

‘Red Jacket’ is much more likely to have some sort of connection to his audience, the Americans, if they can understand what he is talking about, which in any normal situation, would be highly successful. This speech also implicates climatic order, or “saving the best for last”.

How did Red Jacket get his name?

His first Indian name was Otetiani, and he assumed the name Sagoyewatha upon becoming a chief. “Red Jacket” was his English name, a result of the succession of red coats he wore while on the British side during the American Revolution.

How does the use of repetition suggest a purpose for Red Jacket’s talk?

The most notable aspect of his speech is the repetition of the word brother. It begins every new section of the speech, and serves to create a calmer feeling towards those to which he was speaking. It shows respect and honor, which can sway the opposing side to the orator’s side.

What did the white missionaries want from red jacket?

Red Jacket also complains that settlers brought alcohol among the Indians, which was very destructive. Finally, Red Jacket complains that the whites want to force their religion on the Indians. Red jacket states that the white men want to force their religion upon the Native Americans.

Will Red Jacket Firearms?

His side business began to take off, and in 1999, he sold his main business and officially opened Red Jacket Firearms. From 2011 until 2014, Hayden received nationwide fame when Sons of Guns – a reality TV program focusing on the specialized firearm builds at Red Jacket – aired on Discovery Channel.

What does Reverend Cram want the Iroquois to do?

What does Reverend Cram want the Iroquois to do? State one “evil” that the Europeans brought to the Iroquois, according to Red Jacket.