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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck Reddit?

Hypothetically, a woodchuck can chuck about 700lbs (320 kg) of wood per day as Wikipedia states: Why is 2+2=5?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck 17?

A biologist once measured the inside volume of a groundhog burrow and estimated that if a woodchuck would fill this space with wood, it would equal approximately 700 pounds.

Can groundhogs be domesticated?

✦ In most states, it is illegal to domesticate, sell, or barter a groundhog. In order to have a pet groundhog, special permits and licenses are required. ✦ You may find it difficult to find a veterinarian for your pet as most of them have no knowledge about treating groundhogs.

Are Woodchuck and groundhog the same animal?

Groundhogs have many colorful names, including “whistle-pig” for their tendency to emit short, high-pitched whistles. They’re also known as land beavers, but their most famous nickname is woodchuck.

Do rabbits and groundhogs get along?

do rabbits and groundhogs get along (Woodchucks and rabbits) Not a good idea, mate! Groundhogs are usually aggressive, and if they are captured, they would not likely be mingling with your rabbit. More so, your rabbit could get seriously injured if it is in a fight with the groundhog.

Do groundhogs kill chipmunks?

Groundhogs are also known to eat meat such as chipmunks or other small mammals they have found dead or killed themselves.

Do bunnies and birds get along?

Birds and rabbits can live peacefully together in a single home. No matter how big the aviary is, birds and rabbits should never share an enclosure. Friendly, quiet birds, like budgies and lorikeets, are ideal. Remember that rabbits are prey animals that startle easy, and noisy birds will cause stress.

Are rabbits afraid of birds?

Rabbits are naturally afraid of predators such as dogs, cats, and birds of prey. They can be frightened of loud noises, unfamiliar people or animals, and new objects placed in the home or yard.

Will birds attack my rabbit?

We are getting a lot of Red Kite around here and, yes, birds of prey can attack rabbits.

What birds can live together in an aviary?

Keeping Different Birds Together

  • Generally speaking, the following can live together happily: Gouldian finch, Double-Barred (Owl) finch, Bengalese (Society) finch, Plum-headed finch, Red-headed parrotfinch, Chestnut and Scaly-breasted munia.
  • The Star finch needs extra space and cover, due to its timidity.

Can you put two different birds in the same cage?

Typically, unless you are introducing a small bird (such as a budgerigar, canary, or finch) to another (or a group) of similar small species, the two birds should not be housed together but rather should be given their own bird cages, feeding stations, perches and toys.