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How to run MySQL in a docker container?

How to run MySQL in a docker container?

I have a docker container running mysql and I want to push a .sql file to the container and then have mysql execute the commands in it. The first step is fairly straightforward: From there I am trying to run mysql from the command line and point it to the file that I just pushed to the container.

How to run a MySQL script in Ubuntu?

I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 and I’m able to use MySql from the command line fine. I can create a db, add tables, add rows to tables, get queries etc. What I can’t do is write an sql file and run it.

Is it possible to install Docker on Ubuntu?

This tutorial explains, how to install docker on Ubuntu. Docker is a platform that combines applications and its dependencies in the form of packages called a container. We can run multiple containers on a single Operating System.

Can a virtual machine run on a docker container?

Docker is a platform that combines applications and its dependencies in the form of packages called a container. We can run multiple containers on a single Operating System. Containers are not Virtual Machines . Virtual Machines requires Operating System to run applications, but containers do not.

To download the image, open the command line and type this command: The :latest tag will download the latest version of MySQL. If you want do download a specific version, simply replace the The next step is to run a container in Docker with the MySQL image. To do this, execute the next command:

How to connect to a docker container on a Mac?

Oh you’re using Docker for Mac, that container is in a VM so expose the port When you forward the port with -p you can connect to the host on that port and it’ll route you to the container. The permissions might not allow for remote root though so if that’s the case then create a user and try that

How to check if phpMyAdmin is running in Docker?

You can pull the phpMyAdmin image from docker registry and run the container with the following command: You can check whether phpMyAdmin is running by either listing all running containers or by checking the log files: ef21905790dc phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin “/docker-entrypoint.…”

Can you install Docker on a Windows machine?

You can install Docker in almost all primary OS, be it Linux, Windows, or macOS. Please follow the instruction given in the official docker site to install Docker in your local machine: Docker containers are stateless.

Is there a way to update the Docker image?

That’s how to upgrade a Docker container using an updated image version. Of course, the above manual process is demanding and time-consuming. WhiteSource Renovate is a free, open-source tool that allows you to save time and reduce risks by carrying out Docker updates automatically.

When to run CMD or CMD in Docker?

CMD is the command that is run when you launch an instance (a “container”) based on the image. Also, if your script depends on those environment variables, if it’s an older version of Docker, it might fail because those variables are not defined the way you want them defined!

How can I run script automatically after Docker container?

Now, I just run the script manually after the container startup but since I’m running it on Kubernetes.. Pods may get killed or fail and get recreated automatically for some reason. In this case, the plugin have to be initialized automatically after the container startup! So how to accomplish this? Any help or hint would be really appreciated.

How to execute mysql command from host to container?

Its possible with docker run, start a new container just to execute your mysql statement. This approach helped me to workaround the access denied problem when you try to run a statement with docker exec using localhost to connect to mysql

Where are MySQL snippets stored in Docker Compose?

We need to put both docker-compose.yml and school.sql files inside the same folder. The folder name used in this setup is MySQL-Snippets. Docker Compose: We can use Docker compose to run multiple containers and define their properties inside a YAML file. These containers are known as services.

How to run.sql file in an image?

You could also replace the docker run script with a second compose file if you wanted to. MySQL docker image already has a mechanism to initialize a new container with data. It loads all .sh and .sql files from /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d, you just need to COPY or mount from host to that directory.

How to directly enter into mysql command line client?

In order to directly enter into MySQL command line client after run MySQL container with one line of command, just run the following: I use the following to create a command that will sort out at least a couple of cases with databases outside or inside the container (with -h and -P) and supporting -e:

Why do I get connection error with Docker?

In your Dockerfile, you have three RUN instructions. The problem is that MySQL server is only started in the first. In the others, no MySQL are running, that is why you get your connection error with mysql client. To solve this problem you have 2 solutions. Do you have any idea how i can persist that information?

How to create a dockerfile with MySQL as base image?

I am using Docker to create a dockerfile with mysql as the base image: The dockerfile fails on the step where I try to create a database, it doesn’t finish building and i receive this error:

How to stop and start the MySQL container again?

To start the MySQL Server container again: To stop and start again the MySQL Server container with a single command: To delete the MySQL container, stop it first, and then use the docker rm command: If you want the Docker volume for the server’s data directory to be deleted at the same time, add the -v option to the docker rm command.

Can a container talk to another container in Docker?

If two containers are on the same network, they can talk to each other. If they aren’t, they can’t. There are two ways to put a container on a network: assign it at start or connect an existing container. For now, you will create the network first and attach the MySQL container at startup.

Where is Port 3306 for MySQL in Docker?

MySQL container is now running and accessible on port 3306 of that container. Since it was running in the background, we could not see what was happening during the MySQL startup. Use the following command to see what happened during the container startup: ? Next, we retrieve the IP address of that container in order to access it.

How to generate MySQL image name in Docker?

Here is what the second command line does: run – Run a command in a new container. –name – Give a name to the container. If you don’t specify this, Docker will generate a random name. mysql – The image name as stated on the Docker Hub page. This is the simplest image name.

Why is MySQL socket not available in Docker?

Because you are running MySQL inside Docker container, socket is not available and you need to connect through TCP. Setting “–protocol” in the mysql command will change that. Can you clarify why the mysql socket is not available? Your command works, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to mount the mysql socket to the host from the container.

How to check if MySQL container is running?

It will also attach the previously created volume “mysql-volume” with the Database and will expose the port 3306 so that you can reach the MySQL database outside the container: You can check whether the container is running by listing the running containers: