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How was the solar neutrino problem solved?

The solar neutrino problem was resolved with an improved understanding of the properties of neutrinos. If neutrinos were massless, they would travel at the speed of light; if they had mass, they would travel at velocities slightly less than that of light.

Why are scientists so interested in solar neutrinos What is the most likely solution to the solar neutrino problem?

What is the most likely solution to the solar neutrino problem? Scientists are interested in neutrinos, because they do not react with anything and, thus, are a good way to tell what happens in the core. Neutrinos are hypothetical particles that are believed to exist but have never been detected experimentally.

What was the solar neutrino puzzle?

New evidence that solar neutrinos can change “flavour” confirms that our understanding of the Sun is correct and that neutrinos have mass. The results confirm that electron neutrinos produced by nuclear reactions inside the Sun “oscillate” or change flavour on their journey to Earth. …

What was the solar neutrino puzzle quizlet?

What was the “solar neutrino problem? The solar neutrino problem was the finding that the number of neutrinos observed from the Sun by early neutrino detectors was was about one third the number that had been predicted by the standard solar model.

What is neutrino flux?

The highest flux of solar neutrinos come directly from the proton-proton interaction, and have a low energy, up to 400 keV. From the Earth, the amount of neutrino flux at Earth is around 7·1010 particles·cm−2·s −1. The number of neutrinos can be predicted with great confidence by the Standard Solar Model.

How many neutrinos are produced per second?

About 100 billion solar neutrinos pass through your thumbnail every second. Neutrinos are born during the process of nuclear fusion in the sun.

Is a neutrino positive or negative?

Because they are not electrically charged, neutrinos do not experience the electromagnetic force and thus do not cause ionization of matter. Furthermore, they react with matter only through the very weak interaction of the weak force.

Is anti neutrino a lepton?

Muon. The muon is a lepton which decays to form an electron or positron. The fact that the above decay is a three-particle decay is an example of the conservation of lepton number; there must be one electron neutrino and one muon neutrino or antineutrino in the decay. The lifetime of the muon is 2.20 microseconds.

How neutrino is produced?

Neutrinos are created by various radioactive decays; the following list is not exhaustive, but includes some of those processes: beta decay of atomic nuclei or hadrons, natural nuclear reactions such as those that take place in the core of a star.

Can we create neutrinos?

Neutrinos do not have an electric charge, so they cannot be focused or accelerated using electric and magnetic fields, and thus it is not possible to create a parallel, mono-energetic beam of neutrinos, as is done for charged particles beams in accelerators.

Can neutrinos be dark matter?

Neutrinos could be key particles to unravel the nature of the dark matter of the Universe. On the one hand, sterile neutrinos in minimal extensions of the Standard Model are excellent dark matter candidates, producing potentially observable signals in the form of a line in the X-ray sky.