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Is a geometric figure with three sides and three angles?

A triangle in which all three angles are equal in measure and all three sides have the same length. An angle formed outside the polygon by extending on side. In a triangle, the measure of an exterior angle equals the sum of the measures of the two remote interior angles.

What is a closed geometric figure made up of three or more line segments?

Polygon: A polygon is a plane figure is described by having three or more straight line segments meeting only at their endpoints and is connected to form a closed geometric figure.

How many line segments are in a polygon?

A polygon is a closed figure where the sides are all line segments. Each side must intersect exactly two others sides but only at their endpoints. The sides must be noncollinear and have a common endpoint. A polygon is usually named after how many sides it has, a polygon with n-sides is called a n-gon.

What is the common endpoint of the sides of an angle?

The common endpoint is called the vertex of the angle, and the rays are called the sides of the angle.

What do you call the polygons with equal sides?

In Euclidean geometry, a regular polygon is a polygon that is equiangular (all angles are equal in measure) and equilateral (all sides have the same length).

Will two triangles of same area always be congruent Why?

The triangles having equal areas need not be congruent , i.e. the triangles that are congruent have equal area. But if ABC and DEF have equal areas then it does not mean that they have equal sides or equal angles.

Can two triangles with different perimeters are congruent?

If two triangles are congruent, then each part of the triangle (side or angle) is congruent to the corresponding part in the other triangle. In addition to sides and angles, all other properties of the triangle are the same also, such as area, perimeter, location of centers, circles etc.

Do all triangles have the same area?

Any triangles with the same perimeter and area and with one side the same are congruent. The area of a triangle is half of the product of the base and the perpendicular height, so given the base and the area, the height is fixed.

Which similarity property is used for making above similar triangles?

Answer: The SAS Similarity Theorem states that one triangle’s angle is congruent to another triangle’s corresponding angle such that the lengths of the sides, as well as these angles, are in proportion, then one can say that the triangles are similar.