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Is kindred viable ADC?

There are several other reasons why Kindred makes a wonderful ADC, such as extreme mobility, attack-speed increases from Q, a targeted slow + burst damage in one, and some of the best waveclear with Runaan’s. Her R also works wonders with keeping both you and your support alive….

What are kindred marks?

Kindred Ability (LoL): Mark of the Kindred Lamb marks an enemy champion for death (this mark activates after an 8 second delay), while Wolf periodically marks monsters in the enemy jungle. All champions can see which targets are marked. If Kindred kills a marked target or assists in their death, they gain a mark.

What should I build against Amumu?

There are many Junglers that counter Amumu. This includes the likes of Olaf, Hecarim, and Kayn. Other early skirmishers may be good against him, but they tend to fall off in the later parts of the game (and in team fights) like Nidalee or Lee Sin….

Why is Amumu so strong?

What makes him ridiculously strong is obviously the new Sunfire Aegis. This item makes Amumu(and other tanks) have so much more dueling/skirmishing power than Cinderhulk/Runic + 1000g item could ever achieve. Not to mention, Red Smite now applies/refreshes with skills. So you can actually fight enemies 1v1 now and win.

Why is Amumu sad?

the Sad Mummy. A lonely and melancholy soul from ancient Shurima, Amumu roams the world in search of a friend. Cursed by an ancient spell, he is doomed to remain alone forever, as his touch is death and his affection ruin. She regaled the lonely heir with courtly news and stories of her grandmother’s mystic powers.

What tier is Amumu?


What do I Max first on Amumu?

Amumu main here. Always max Q first, it significantly reduced CD and increases damage by a good amount too. If you want to have the most impact on the game, max this. If you want to get carried max E->Q and go full herbivore in the jungle.

Is Aatrox a good Jungler?

World Ender Aatrox Jungle || Extensive Guide I have played Aatrox since Season 3, and have been jungling on him since the Feral Flare and Enchantment: Devourer days. If you don’t feel confident top, Aatrox jungle is definitely a great alternative….

What role does Amumu?

That makes him the third highest winrate champion in the game right now, and the highest winrate jungler! While he is most effective in lower tier ranks such as Iron, Silver, and Gold, he is more than capable of being an effective jungler in the higher tier ranks….

Is Amumu a Yordle?

Amumu has been described as a Yordle for most of his presence in the game. His current state is left intentionally ambiguous, with characters in his lore commenting on the possibility of him being a yordle while others scoff at the idea.

How old is Amumu?

between 4396-5996 years old

How much does Amumu cost?


Cost 450 260
Primary Tank
Secondary Mage