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Is My Side of the Mountain based on a true story?

My Side of the Mountain, a novel by Jean Craighead George, is not a true story. It is realistic fiction.

Who is Sam Gribley?

Sam Gribley is the protagonist in Jean Craighead George’s novel My Side of the Mountain. A young boy from New York City, Sam leaves his crowded apartment to spend time living in the wild near his great grandfather’s abandoned farm in the Catskill Mountains.

Does frightful die in my side of the mountain?

Death by Adaptation: At the end of the movie version of My Side of the Mountain, Frightful the hawk gets shot and dies. In the book, she not only lives, but ends up with three sequels focusing on her.

What is the moral of my side of the mountain?

Lesson Summary My Side of the Mountain is a fascinating fictional chronicle of a year in the wilderness. Interwoven in this story are the themes of solitude, survival, coming of age, and balance. Sam Gribley fulfills his dream of living on his own in the woods.

What is the main problem in my side of the mountain?

The main conflict in “My Side of the Mountain” is represented by the overriding theme of man versus nature. Sam Gribley is a city kid who runs away from his New York City home to the wilderness of the Catskill Mountains.

Who is the antagonist in my side of the mountain?

Sam Gribley is the protagonist because he is the main character in the story, he shows conflict with the antagonist. Nature is the antagonist.

What is the climax of my side of the mountain?

The climax of the novel comes when Sam is faced with a decision at the end of the novel. He must choose either to heed his father’s call and join his family or run off and continue to live in isolation in the wild.

What is the author’s message in my side of the mountain?

The theme in My Side Of The Mountain is survival. In this book, Sam survives in the wild while trying to stay away from people. In many parts of the book Sam has trouble finding food and making shelter. The theme is evident early in the book.

What happens at the end of my side of the mountain?

At the end of the book, Sam’s family comes up the mountain to visit him. He is as happy to see them as they are to see him. And instead of dragging him away from this place that he loves, to go back to city life that he hated and left, his family surprises him by moving up onto the mountain with him.

What age is my side of the mountain for?

Have Read Multiple Times. I read this book myself around the age of 8 and loved it. When my son hit second grade and was reading voraciously, I thought he might enjoy it.

Who is the protagonist in my side of the mountain?

Sam Gribley

Who was Bando?

Bando, an English teacher who stumbles upon Sam’s home in the woods, becomes an unlikely companion for him. The two seem to understand each other and value the experience of living off the land. Nicknaming Sam Thoreau, Bando shows his respect for Sam’s choosing to live independently in a way that is simple.

Why did Sam run away in my side of the mountain?

Why has Sam run away to the mountains? His city home is crowded; he wants to find the Gribley farm; he wants to be independent and live alone.

How old is Sam in Frightful’s Mountain?


Is Jean Craighead George still alive?

Deceased (1919–2012)

What did Sam eat in my side of the mountain?

And Sam, his father, and Bando eat a special side dish at Christmas: “A mound of sort of fluffy mashed cattail tubers, mushrooms, and dogtooth violet bulbs, smothered in gravy thickened with acorn powder.” Evidently this mix is quite tasty.

Who is the narrator of my side of the mountain?

Michael Crouch

What is the genre of my side of the mountain?

Children’s literature

How many pages is my side of the mountain?


What is the setting of my side of the mountain?

Catskills. The setting for much of My Side of the Mountain is the Catskill mountains in New York. While only a short distance away from the lights of Manhattan, the place really is a world away.

What genre is Frightful’s Mountain?

How many chapters are in my side of the mountain?

22 chapters

What animal was killing the chickens in my side of the mountain?

The lady who picked strawberries talked about the duck hawk that would kill the chickens he remembered the reading about the peregrine falcon being able to be trained to kill.

How many chapters are in Frightful’s Mountain?

19 chapters

How did Sam first meet the weasel that he called the baron?

The chapter starts with Sam smoking fish after a particularly large catch. As he smokes the fish, a weasel that he expects is The Baron comes by to stand on a large rock, looking at him.

What is Sam training frightful?

Terms in this set (12) What is Sam training Frightful to do? To catch food for him. Life is easier for Sam in the summer because plants are more plentiful, fruit is available, Frightful can capture food, and he has Bando for company.

Why did Sam first think that Bando was an outlaw?

Sam thinks that the old man is an outlaw. Sam calls him Bando because he thinks he is running from the law. Bando is a college english teacher lost in the Catskills. Bando makes a raft, clay containers, berry jam, willow whistles, and fire bellows.

How did Sam get his first deer during hunting season?

Once up in the mountains, Sam builds himself a home in an old tree. He decides he wants to obtain a deer so that, among other things, he can have its hide to cover his door hole. It was in this way that Sam got his first deer.

How did Sam hollow out his tree home?

Sam finds a hemlock tree that he thinks would make a good home, but he needs to hollow it out. He doesn’t really have much in the way of tools, so he uses fire. He realized that he could do the same thing to make the hemlock tree hollow and allow him to live in it. So he started a fire burning inside the trunk.