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What are pilot qualities?

What Traits & Skills Must Pilots Have? What Makes A Good Pilot?

  • Clear Communication.
  • Situational Awareness.
  • Team-Working Skills.
  • Decisiveness & Quick Thinking Skills.
  • The Ability To Remain Calm.
  • Mentality — Confidence, Attitude & Self-Discipline.
  • Leadership.
  • The Ability To Understand Technical Information.

Are Pilots good at math?

Pilots must understand geography and physics and must have good mechanical aptitude. The job also requires good math skills. Pilots use math on a daily basis. In addition to basic arithmetic, algebra and calculus, a thorough understanding of geometry allows pilots to do their job well.

Do pilots get sick a lot?

Although we don’t know a great deal about “aviation nausea,” there have been some studies that suggest that motion sickness occurs in a relatively high percentage of aviation participants, both passengers and pilots. Some surveys indicate that more than 25% of airline pilots have experienced motion sickness.

Can pilots call in sick?

Yes, pilots can call in sick and in fact the FAA encourages pilots not to fly when sick. When a pilot calls in sick, typically a reserve pilot gets activated to cover their flying.

Do pilots have health problems?

Airline pilots work in conditions that lead to circadian dysrhythmia, mild hypoxia, and exposure to reduced atmospheric pressure, low humidity, noise, vibration, cosmic radiation, and magnetic fields. These occupational exposures may present physiological challenges to the long-term health of airline pilots.

What happens if a pilot gets sick?

Pilots cannot self-medicate (take drugs on their own). They have to make sure that any medication they take is cleared by the FAA Medicos. If they need medication for temporary conditions, they either call in sick and don’t fly until better, or they get it cleared by a flight surgeon and added to the record.