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What are the dotted lines in navionics?

What does it mean when a recorded track appears as a dotted line? In areas where GPS signal is poor or absent, recorded tracks appear as a dotted line. This means that the GPS signal has little or no strength.

What does double line mean in ER diagram?

Multivalued attribute

What is weak relationship in DBMS?

A weak, or non-identifying, relationship exists if the primary key of the related entity does not contain a primary key component of the parent entity. Company database examples include: Customer(CustID, CustName)

What is a strong relationship in database?

A strong or identifying relationship is when the primary key of the related entity contains the primary key of the “parent”.

What is weak key attribute?

In a relational database, a weak entity is an entity that cannot be uniquely identified by its attributes alone; therefore, it must use a foreign key in conjunction with its attributes to create a primary key. The foreign key is typically a primary key of an entity it is related to.

What is a strong entity type?

A strong entity is complete by itself and is not dependent on any other entity type. It possess a primary key which describes each instance in the strong entity set uniquely. A Strong entity is represented by a square with a single line unlike a Weak Entity which contained double lines.

What is entity type?

The entity type is the fundamental building block for describing the structure of data with the Entity Data Model (EDM). In a conceptual model, an entity type represents the structure of top-level concepts, such as customers or orders. An entity key defined by one or more properties.

What is string entity type?

An entity whose content is retrieved from a string. StringEntity is the raw data that you send in the request. Server communicate using JSON, JSON string can be sent via StringEntity and server can get it in the request body, parse it and generate appropriate response.

What is inside a human?

Chemically, the human body consists mainly of water and of organic compounds—i.e., lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids. Water is found in the extracellular fluids of the body (the blood plasma, the lymph, and the interstitial fluid) and within the cells themselves.

Will you see the human in my being?

Will you see my vulnerabilities, my lies, my shame? Will you see the human in my being? Here’s the thing, no matter how poised or confident, how strong, how brave, how silly, how anything we may seem to be, we are, at the bottom of it all, human.

What all entities are there in existence?

There are various entities which, if they exist, would be candidates for necessary beings: God, propositions, relations, properties, states of affairs, possible worlds, and numbers, among others. Note that the first entity in this list is a concrete entity, while the rest are abstract entities.

What is self and body?

Self (I) is consciousness. Its needs are feelings in consciousness (like. happiness) and these needs are fulfilled by activity of consciousness, i.e. Right Understanding & Right Feelings. Body is material.

What are the basic human aspirations?

Ans : Our basic aspirations are happiness (mutual fulfilment) and prosperity (mutual prosperity). Happiness is ensured by the relationships with other human beings and prosperity is ensured by working on physical facilities.