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What are the themes of the most dangerous game?

The Most Dangerous Game Themes

  • Civilization and Community. As the story of an aristocrat who hunts the shipwrecked men that wash ashore on his private island, “The Most Dangerous Game” challenges the idea that highbrow pastimes and aristocratic society are synonymous with being civilized or moral.
  • Condoned Violence vs. Murder.
  • Extreme Social Darwinism.

What is the moral of the story The Most Dangerous Game?

The primary moral or lesson of the story concerns the distinction between hunting, murder, and self-defense. Sanger Rainsford recognizes that hunting animals and killing someone in self-defense is justifiable and sometimes necessary.

What is the theme of the most dangerous game with evidence?

Violence and Cruelty is the main theme of “The Most Dangerous Game” “The violence of his malicious host, General Zaroff, initially shocks Rainsford, but as he fights to stay alive he becomes caught up in Zaroff’s game.

What is the author’s message in the most dangerous game?

The author’s purpose of The Most Dangerous Game is to entertain an audience. The way the story as told, as an adventure story, captures the audience’s attention. Also the constant suspense of the story makes it entertaining.

Why was Rainsford justified in murdering zaroff at the end of the story?

Consider that Rainsford himself is a hunter, used to being in power. Although he had never considered doing something as inhumane as Zaroff in hunting humans, his choice to kill Zaroff reveals his need to be in control. In this case, his killing of Zaroff isn’t about justice, but about revenge.

How did Rainsford get to the chateau?

So, Rainford knows that he can access the chateau from the one side that has land. Swimming in the bay until he reaches the shore, he probably scales the wall and enters through a window outside the general’s room, or he gains entrance at another spot and comes to Zaroff’s room.

Why does zaroff especially welcomes Rainsford?

Zaroff especially welcomes Rainsford because the general looks forward to the challenge that hunting Rainsford will pose. Zaroff is aware of Rainsford’s reputation as a hunter. To this point, Zaroff has been hunting sailors that become shipwrecked on his island (by his own design).