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What are two factors that led to the improvements in agriculture during the Song Dynasty?

What advances in farming occurred during the Song Dynasty? New irrigation techniques and irrigation systems. Farms were more productive, with the discoveryof a new type of fast-ripening rice. Also they grew new crops like cotton and tea.

Why did the Song Dynasty move south?

The Southern Song (Chinese: 南宋; 1127–1279) refers to the period after the Song lost control of its northern half to the Jurchen-led Jin dynasty in the Jin–Song Wars. During this time, the Song court retreated south of the Yangtze and established its capital at Lin’an (now Hangzhou).

What was the culture of the Song Dynasty?

Ancient Chinese

What are two facts about the Song Dynasty?

Interesting Facts about the Song Dynasty

  • The capital city of the Southern Song was Hangzhou.
  • It was during the Song dynasty that the foot-binding among women became a widespread custom.
  • One of the most legendary fighters and generals of Ancient China, Yue Fei, lived during this time.

What were the major achievements of the Song Dynasty?

10 Major Achievements of Song Dynasty of China

  • #1 The Pre-Modern Economic Revolution in China occurred during the Song era.
  • #2 It was the first government in the world to issue banknotes.
  • #3 The civil service examination system was given unprecedented importance.
  • #4 The first permanent standing Chinese navy was established.
  • #5 First use of compass for navigation.

What type of society was the Song Dynasty?

Chinese society during the Song dynasty (960–1279) was marked by political and legal reforms, a philosophical revival of Confucianism, and the development of cities beyond administrative purposes into centers of trade, industry, and maritime commerce.

What was bad about the Song Dynasty?

Political corruption and invasions from external tribes, and civilian uprisings greatly weakened the Northern Song Dynasty. Due to weak military strength the Northern Song were not able to withstand the invasion from the Jin Dynasty.

What caused the fall of the Tang Dynasty?

Reasons for Decline of Tang Dynasty. There were four reasons leading to Tang’s decline, among which the dominance of the eunuchs, the separatist regions of Fanzhen and clique conflicts were internal factors while peasants’ uprising was the external factor. Gradually, the power of eunuchs became stronger and stronger.

How did the Song Dynasty use bureaucracy?

The founders of the Song dynasty built an effective centralized bureaucracy staffed with civilian scholar-officials. Regional military governors and their supporters were replaced by centrally appointed officials. Culturally, the Song refined many of the developments of the previous centuries.

Who played an important role in the government of China during the Song Dynasty?

The Song Dynasty had a lot of problems, in 1069 Emperor Shen Tsung appointed Wang An-shi as chief minister. Wang was a scholar who studied earlier Chinese governments. Wang noticed the corrupt government and made huge reforms in the government. His reforms were based on the text of ‘Rites of Chou’.

How did steel impact Song China?

The Song Economic Revolution The army was a large consumer: steel tips increased the effectiveness of Song arrows; mass-production methods were used to make iron armor in small, medium, and large sizes; high-quality steel for swords was made through high-temperature metallurgy.

How did printing impact China?

Printing in China helped so much and brought China to a big part of History. The development of printing allowed Chinese officials to make important documents. Woodblock printing created the world’s first print culture. So it affected the Chinese in a good way as a form of communicating and an art form.

Did the Chinese invent steel?

“Iron was smelted in China by the 4th century BC, and steel was perfected by the 400’s AD using coal as a high temperature fuel.

How did the rise of the Tang Dynasty impact China?

China became even larger during the Tang dynasty than it had been during the Han. The Chinese regularly communicated with lands as far west as Persia, present-day Afghanistan, and the Byzantine Empire. Goods and, more importantly, ideas continued to be exchanged on the Silk Road.

Why was the Tang Dynasty so important?

The Tang Dynasty is considered a golden age of Chinese arts and culture. In power from 618 to 906 A.D., Tang China attracted an international reputation that spilled out of its cities and, through the practice of Buddhism, spread its culture across much of Asia.

How many emperors were in the Tang Dynasty?


Order Name Reign Time (years)
Tang Dynasty (618 – 907)
1 Tang Kao Tsu (Li Yuan) 618 – 626
2 Tang Taizong (Li Shimin) 627 – 649
3 Tang Gaozong (Li Zhi) 650 – 683