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What cells in the leaf perform the most photosynthesis?

There are two kinds of mesophyll cells in our typical leaf. The ones you see in the leaf section above, packed close together, are in the palisade parenchyma region (I can’t say it either – that’s biologists for you). This is where most photosynthesis is done.

What plant cell is primarily known to perform photosynthesis?

In plants, photosynthesis takes place primarily in leaves, which consist of many layers of cells and have differentiated top and bottom sides. The process of photosynthesis occurs not on the surface layers of the leaf, but rather in a middle layer called the mesophyll (Figure 5.7).

What cells are the primary cells responsible for photosynthesis in this leaf?

The parenchyma cells present in leaves contain chloroplasts, which are the sites of photosynthesis. In Figure 1, the mesophyll is divided into two conspicuously different regions, a characteristic common among the leaves of many dicotyledons.

What type of cell does photosynthesis occur in?

plant cells

What type of cell is respiration?

Key Terms

Term Meaning
Mitochondria The eukaryotic cell structure where cellular respiration occurs
Cytoplasm The contents of a cell between the plasma membrane and the nuclear envelope; includes cytosol which is the jelly-like substance that fills the space between organelles
Aerobic Process that requires oxygen

What are the materials needed during cell respiration?

Most of the steps of cellular respiration take place in the mitochondria. Oxygen and glucose are both reactants in the process of cellular respiration. The main product of cellular respiration is ATP; waste products include carbon dioxide and water.

Where do we produce ATP?

Most of the ATP in cells is produced by the enzyme ATP synthase, which converts ADP and phosphate to ATP. ATP synthase is located in the membrane of cellular structures called mitochondria; in plant cells, the enzyme also is found in chloroplasts.

What process creates the most ATP?

cellular respiration process