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What does Doc mean in America?

Doc, an abbreviation of doctor. The D.O.C. (born 1968), American rapper.

What does Doc mean in gaming?

Drug of Choice

What does Doc mean in guns of glory?

It is short for Doctor, the one giving the gift at the Wharf/Dock.

What does RSS mean in guns of glory?

REPORT Roll call

What is blood war in guns of glory?

The Blood War will test Alliances to the very limit of their power. Only the strong and courageous will prove victorious! 1. When the Blood War opens, Alliances will be required to choose their preferred time to battle.

How do you increase your gun power in guns of glory?

How to increase troop power for same number and level of troop?

  1. Answers.
  2. You can get buff your troops by research, your equipment, by increasing honor of your city buildings (lvl 15), recruiting guards… etc. 1 0 REPORT.

How do you get wonders in guns of glory?

For the Permanent Wonders you have to do different missions at the beginning of a new kingdom to get such a wonder. By clicking on the Inn, you can open the Wonders Map, which lists the Permanent Wonders. You can also see on the map, where the players who are wearing one of the wonders are.

How does KvK work in Guns of glory?

2) KvK: Kvk is when your kingdom is paired with yup to 3-5 different kingdoms and battle it out for each other_s palace. You can go and attack and hold the enemy kingdoms palace, which will cost you 2000 gold to enter their kingdom, but you also need to consider about defending your own kingdom throne as well.

Can you change kingdoms in guns of glory?

Guns of Glory: how to change the kingdom Teleport recruit : using it, you can transfer your estate to another kingdom of your choice. This teleport is available only to those who have been in the game for no more than 5 days and whose fortress level is 5 or lower.

How often is KvK?

The day after KvK Gem Lodes will spawn throughout the Kingdoms, which can be gathered similar to other resource tiles. The Gem Lodes spawn every 6 hours, starting with Level 1 Lodes, and increasing up to Level 5, in the winning Kingdom.

How long does KvK last ROK?

60 days

Can you migrate out during KvK?

You cannot migrate into any kingdom in pre-kvk. You can migrate into a kingdom that has a countdown to pre-kvk. And you can always migrate out of a kingdom in kvk(or pre).

What does KvK mean in ROK?

The Lost Kingdoms Event