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What does it mean if you have white matter in your brain?

White matter disease is a disease that affects the nerves that link various parts of the brain to each other and to the spinal cord. These nerves are also called white matter. White matter disease causes these areas to decline in their functionality.

Can white matter disease cause dizziness?

Recent studies showed a link between cerebral small vessel white matter disease (SVD) and dizziness: patients whose dizziness cannot be explained by vestibular disease show severe SVD and gait abnormalities; however, little is still known about how SVD can cause this symptom.

Can stress cause white matter?

The researchers discovered that chronic stress generates myelin-producing cells and fewer neurons than normal, resulting in an excess of myelin, and white matter, in some areas. White matter is made up of fibers that connect neurons to each other, so regions of the brain can better communicate.

Does white matter disease lead to dementia?

Brain scientists have found that white matter disease chips away at memory by shrinking the brain, and contributing to dementia more than initially thought.

Is there a cure for white matter disease?

They may also be prone to mood changes such as depression. Treatments: While there is no known cure for white matter disease, treatments can help to manage the symptoms. Controlling the risk factors associated with heart disease can help decrease the progression of the disease.

What does white matter disease look like on MRI?

Changes to white matter will show up super-bright white (your doctor may call this “hyperintense”) on an MRI scan. You may need more tests to rule out other causes.

Can you regrow white matter?

White matter injuries occur when white matter tracts (bundles of myelinated axons) are damaged. As long as the neuron cell bodies remain healthy, axons can regrow and slowly repair themselves. Functional recovery may also occur if the information can be transmitted through an alternative route.

Can gray matter grow back?

Grey matter is made up of cell bodies and dendrites, while white matter is the fibre tracts – bundles of axons wrapped in myelin – that allow different areas of the brain to communicate. Grey matter cannot really regrow at all. However, here too, traumatic brain injury is not really repairable.