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What does it mean when someone blows smoke at you?

What is the origin and meaning of the idiom blowing smoke? Meaning. to intentionally misinform or deceive. when someone is just making plans without an intention to follow through. to conceal the secret behind the stereotyped situation. to cheat someone and trying to look innocent.

Why do we move backwards when the jeepney started to move?

Explanation: when a vehicle accelerates and suddenly applies a break we posses what we call inertia. and when it suddenly applies a break we tend to retain that velocity so we fall backwards thus satisfying the law of inertia or what is also called newton’s first law of motion.

Why a ball thrown up comes down?

This is because the force of earth’s gravitational field is always directed downwards (towards the center of the earth. When the ball is thrown up, it is going against the earth’s gravitational field and so, the earth’s gravitational force pulls it back down, accelerating it downwards.

What happens when an object is thrown upward?

When you throw an object upwards, it will eventually fall back to the ground under the earth’s gravity. An object that is thrown vertically upwards decelerates under the earth’s gravity. Its speed decreases until it attains a maximum height, where the velocity is zero.

Does it take longer for an object to go up or down?

If there is air friction on the way up, then the force of friction pushes in the SAME downward direction that gravity pushes; however, on the way down, the force of friction is pushing upward, while the force of gravity pushes downward, so it will take LONGER for the object to fall.

What is its acceleration when it reaches its highest point and is stopped at an instant?

At a projectile’s highest point, its velocity is zero. At a projectile’s highest point, its acceleration is zero.

What is its velocity 1’s before it reaches its highest point?

At the top, its velocity is zero. (b) What is its velocity 1 s before it reaches its highest point? One second before reaching the top, it is moving up at v = 10 m/s.

What happens to the velocity of a ball as it dropped off a cliff?

ground at the same time. If you drop a ball from the top of a building it gains speed as it falls. Every second, its speed increases by 10 m/s. A ball falling under the influence of gravity is an example of what we call motion with constant acceleration.

How fast is the ball moving just as it lands?

Conclusion: The magnitude of the velocity of the ball is 26.3 m/s for the parabolic motion just before it hits the ground and this greater than the 17.1 m/s for the velocity of the ball that falls straight downward.

How fast will an object be moving 4 seconds after dropped from rest?

after 3 seconds its velocity is -30 m/s • after 4 seconds its velocity is -40 m/s.

How far will a rubber ball fall in 10 seconds?

490 meters

What is final velocity of the ball?

The ball moves up to a maximum point, then reverses and falls to the ground. The final velocity of the ball is vf = -14.7 m/s, taking down to be the negative direction. The time from when the ball leaves the child’s hand to when it hits the ground is 2.00 s.

How long will it take an object that falls from rest to attain a velocity of 147 m s?

15 seconds

How do you find velocity with acceleration and height?

Multiply the height by the object’s acceleration due to gravity. The acceleration due to gravity is 32.2 ft/s^2 for English units, or 9.8 m/s^2 for SI units. If you drop an object from 15 feet, for example, you would multiply 15 ft * 32.2 ft/s^2 to get 483 ft^2/s^2. Multiply the result by 2.

What is the velocity of a dropped object after it has fallen for 12 s?

120 M/S.

What is the velocity of an object dropped from a height?

Whether explicitly stated or not, the value of the acceleration in the kinematic equations is -9.8 m/s/s for any freely falling object. If an object is merely dropped (as opposed to being thrown) from an elevated height, then the initial velocity of the object is 0 m/s.

How do you find the velocity of a falling object?

To find out something’s speed (or velocity) after a certain amount of time, you just multiply the acceleration of gravity by the amount of time since it was let go of. So you get: velocity = -9.81 m/s^2 * time, or V = gt. The negative sign just means that the object is moving downwards.

How long does it take for an object to hit the ground?

Measure the distance the object will fall in feet with a ruler or measuring tape. Divide the falling distance by 16. For example, if the object will fall 128 feet, divide 128 by 16 to get 8. Calculate the square root of the Step 2 result to find the time it takes the object to fall in seconds.