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What episode of Star Trek Voyager does 7 of 9 appear?


What episode does seven of nine appear in Picard?

In Thursday’s fourth episode, “Absolute Candor,” the past reared its head into Picard in epic and welcome fashion. We’re talking, of course, about Voyage star Jeri Ryan’s triumphant return to the Star Trek universe as Seven of Nine, a former Borg drone.

What happened to the Borg cube in Picard?

Soon after the 26 Romulans aboard the Shaenor were assimilated, the Borg Cube suffered a submatrix collapse. The Cube was immediately severed from the Borg Collective, leaving thousands of Borg Drones aboard in stasis.

Was that a Borg cube in Picard?

On stardate 43989., another Borg cube — sent to assimilate Earth and its technology — traveled to the Alpha Quadrant using a transwarp conduit to make their journey and was briefly led by Locutus, the assimilated Picard.

Why is the Borg a cube?

The Borg Cube is the most common ship design used by the Collective. Housing enough Borg drones to assimilate a planet with enough weapons and defensive capability to face most enemy fleets unharmed, its primary function in the Collective is to destroy or assimilate all vessels and stations it encounters.

Why are the Romulans in a Borg cube?

It’s possible the Zhat Vash came up with a way to neutralize the Borg Cube, perhaps by planting some kind of virus into the Collective, but it required Romulans to be sacrificed for assimilation. The Romulans even survived the experience, through their minds are damaged and they are now called “the Disordered”.

Did VGER create the Borg?

In the game Star Trek: Legacy, it is said that V’ger itself created the Borg to gain the knowledge by assimilation.

How is the Borg Queen alive in Voyager?

The death of a Borg Queen did not seem to affect the Collective or its hive mind. When a Borg drone died, its memories would still be within the hive mind. The Borg Queen that was present in 2377 was assimilated when she was a child, together with her parents.