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What happens to period if length is doubled?

a) If the length is doubled, the period will increase by a factor of √2 . Doubling the mass of the bob will half the period.

What is the time period of a simple pendulum if its length is doubled?

What will be the time period of second’s pendulum if its length is doubled ? (Ans. 2.828 s) 1.

What is the period of this pendulum if its mass is doubled?

The time period of a pendulum does not depend on the mass of bob. So if the mass of bob doubled, the time period remains the same.

What is the effect on the period of a pendulum if you double its length ie find the factor by which the period is affected )?

So when doubling the length, the period increases by a factor of square root 2 which is about 1.4.

What is the relationship between the length of a pendulum and its period?

The longer the length of string, the farther the pendulum falls; and therefore, the longer the period, or back and forth swing of the pendulum. The greater the amplitude, or angle, the farther the pendulum falls; and therefore, the longer the period.)

What is difference between frequency and amplitude?

Answer. The difference between frequency and amplitude is that frequency is a measurement of cycles per second, and amplitude is a measurement of how large a wave is. Amplitude represents the wave’s energy. For example, a sound wave with a high amplitude is perceived as loud.

What happens when amplitude is doubled?

The energy transported by a wave is directly proportional to the square of the amplitude. So whatever change occurs in the amplitude, the square of that effect impacts the energy. This means that a doubling of the amplitude results in a quadrupling of the energy.

What is relation between frequency and voltage?

As the voltage increases so does the power out of the area and frequency then increases. This oscillation of power, voltage and frequency can last for several seconds. During this time frequency response will start to act to recover the frequency.

What is relation between power and frequency?

The relationship between power and frequency is inversely proportional to each other .