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What happens when Ag+ combined with Na2CO3?

When silver (Ag+) and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) combined, the Ag molecule preformed single substitution over the Na molecules to create a new set of substances. The silver carbonate is an insoluble precipitate.

What happens when we mix lead nitrate and potassium iodide?

When you add lead nitrate to potassium iodide, their particles combine and create two new compounds, a yellow solid called lead iodide and a white solid called potassium nitrate. Yellow clouds indicate that the chemical change has taken place.

What is the Colour of lead carbonate?

Teaching notes

Carbonate Colour before heating Colour after heating
Sodium carbonate White White
Zinc carbonate White Yellow when hot, white when cool
Lead carbonate White Yellow
Copper carbonate Green Black

What’s the best way to clean lead?

How to deal with lead stains. If the stains are not too severe, they can be removed with a mild acid solution – vinegar or lemon juice work well. Use a nylon brush or very fine wire wool. Use our specially developed lead cleaner and restorer and remove the stains with a nylon brush or scourer.

What does patination oil do to lead?

Patination oil stops the lead from oxidizing when it comes into contact with moisture and rain water, maintaining a uniform look and natural lead patina. The product should be applied to all newly applied lead cladding and flashings that are open to the elements.

How long does patination oil take to dry?

It is available in practical dosage bottles and can be simply and economically applied with a coverage of 60m2 per 1 litre bottle. It can be dry within an hour under normal weather conditions.

What can I use instead of patination oil?

Linseed oil

Should I paint lead flashing?

Therefore, due to the nature of lead it is difficult to recommend a paint that will last a long time. For the reasons given, common practice is to leave lead flashing uncoated altogether or to treat it with a patination oil which will allow it to breath, keeping it supple.

What paint do you use on lead flashing?

The best stuff for lead flashings is ‘Patination Oil’ if the disscolouration is very bad, use an old pan scrubber and water to gently remove this, allow to dry, and use the oil. I’ve seen lead flashing painted with a weathershield gloss.