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What is a good substitute for breadcrumbs?

For ¼ cup fine, dry bread crumbs, substitute any of these items:

  • ¾ cup soft bread crumbs.
  • ¼ cup panko.
  • ¼ cup cracker or pretzel crumbs.
  • ¼ cup crushed cornflakes or other unsweetened cereals.
  • ⅔ cup regular rolled oats (Use this only as a substitute for bread crumbs in meat loaf and other meat mixtures, such as burgers.

What can I use in keto instead of breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumb Substitutes

  • Ground pork rinds.
  • Almond flour or almond meal.
  • Crushed nuts.
  • Keto bread crumbs.
  • Psyllium husk.

How can I use breadcrumbs instead of POHA?

Poha powder instead of bread crumbs The weekend snacks can become healthier too, without compromising on the taste! We use bread crumbs mostly to absorb the moisture from the final vegetable mash, before shallow frying the cutlets. Use poha powder instead of bread crumbs at this step to make high on nutrition

Can I use cornflakes instead of breadcrumbs?

Cornflakes are classic breading material, but any grain-based, not-too-sweet cereal works great as a stand-in for traditional breadcrumbs. Corn or rice Chex, Wheaties, and even savory granola and oat-based cereals would make a great crust for your chicken breast or fish filets

What can be made of POHA?

Poha Recipes for Breakfast

  1. Corn Poha.
  2. Poha Dhokla.
  3. Poha Cutlet ( Iron Rich )
  4. Mixed Sprouts Poha.
  5. Poha Dosa, Aval Dosa with Curd.
  6. Poha Yellow Moong Dal Dosa.
  7. Green Pea Poha, Matar Poha.
  8. Jada Poha Chivda.

Can you make breadcrumbs with crackers?

Of course, the easiest homemade breadcrumbs aren’t actually made from bread. They’re made from crackers or potato chips. Keep a box of Saltine crackers in the pantry, and you’ll never be without breadcrumbs. Crackers and potato chips can be crushed into very fine crumbs