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What is a Stern on a boat?

The front of a boat is called the bow, while the rear of a boat is called the stern. When looking towards the bow, the left-hand side of the boat is the port side. And starboard is the corresponding word for the right side of a boat.

What is a steering helm?

The helm is the mechanism behind the instrument panel that converts the wheel’s rotary motion into a push-pull motion on the cable. The steering wheel attaches to the helm. Rotary steering helms have a round gear around which the cable turns as you turn the wheel.

Can I add power steering to my boat?

Hydraulic steering makes handling higher horsepower easier and smoother. Installing a system in your outboard-powered boat is a simple do-it-yourself project. The BayStar kit (part number HK4200A) from SeaStar Solutions (seastarsolu​ for outboards up to 150 hp is one of the least expensive ways to upgrade.

How do you lubricate a Sea Doo steering cable?

normally if you remove the steering cable from the ski, and hang it vertically, you can slip a small diameter hose over the top of the shaft, clamp it around the sheath, and fill it with penetrant or wd40, and within 24-48 hrs oil seeps in and frees up the cable.

What is mechanical steering on a boat?

Mechanical steering systems, also known as manual or non-power steering, are most commonly used in smaller boats. Mechanical steering uses push-pull cables which connect the steering wheel and helm at the front of the boat with the outboard motor. More wheel turns means less effort to turn the boat.

How does a boat hydraulic steering work?

How Does Hydraulic Boat Steering Work? During operation, a clockwise turn of the boat’s steering wheel will force hydraulic fluid from the helm pump unit into the boat’s starboard side hydraulic line. The fluid is then be pumped into the cylinder which causes the cylinder rod to either retract or extend.

How do you fill a hydraulic boat steering wheel?

How to Add Fluid to Hydraulic Steering

  1. Thread filler tube into helm pump.
  2. Thread bottle of fluid onto filler tube.
  3. Poke a hole into the bottom of the bottle (or, cut the bottom off and create a funnel).
  4. Turn bottle upside down (like an IV).
  5. Turn steering wheel hard to starboard.
  6. Open starboard bleeder nipple located on the steering cylinder.

How does power steering work on outboard motor?

Types of Hydraulic Steering Systems Incoming fluid pushes a piston which is pinned to an external rod. As the piston is moved the rod is either extended or retracted, and the boat turns. Outgoing fluid from the other end of the cylinder is returned to the helm via the port side line.

What is electronic power steering?

Power steering systems supplement the torque that the driver applies to the steering wheel. Traditional power steering systems are hydraulic systems, but electric power steering (EPS) is becoming much more common. EPS eliminates many HPS components such as the pump, hoses, fluid, drive belt, and pulley.

What is external steering on a boat?

External Hydraulic steering systems are a “must” on any High Performance boat. The external rams help lessen the load on the Sterndrive Gimbal housing by evenly distributing engine torque. This system includes a Hardin Marine inside steering kit (137-9151). See here for mounting location diagram.