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What is the balanced equation for FeS HCl FeCl2 H2S?

Shipped as a liquefied compressed gas.]…Search by reactants (FeS, HCl)

1 HCl + FeS → H2S + FeCl2
2 HCl + H2O2 + FeS → H2O + H2SO4 + FeCl3

What is CU h2so4?

Copper react with sulfuric acid to produce copper sulfate, sulfur dioxide and water. Sulfuric acid – concentrated solution.

What are the two ways to represent the chemical reaction?

A chemical reaction is a rearrangement of atoms in which one or more compounds are changed into new compounds. All chemical reactions can be represented by equations and models. To some people, chemical equations may seem very hard to understand.

What happens if dilute h2 S o4 is not added to water?

If H2SO4 is not added to water during electrolysis, the conductivity of the water will be low which results in slow electrolysis. When H2SO4 is added, the conductivity increases resulting in quick electrolysis.

What happens when Sulphuric acid is mixed with water?

When you mix concentrated sulfuric acid and water, you pour the acid into a larger volume of water. Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) reacts very vigorously with water in a highly exothermic reaction. If you add water to concentrated sulfuric acid, it can boil and spit and you may get a nasty acid burn.

What is the relationship between pH and the log H3O+?

pH = – log [H3O+]. The hydronium ion concentration can be found from the pH by the reverse of the mathematical operation employed to find the pH. [H3O+] = 10-pH or [H3O+] = antilog (- pH) Example: What is the hydronium ion concentration in a solution that has a pH of 8.34?

Do acids increase H+?

For our purposes, an acid is a substance that increases the concentration of hydrogen ions (H +start superscript, plus, end superscript) in a solution, usually by donating one of its hydrogen atoms through dissociation.