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What is the central atom of CO2?

Carbon atom

Can globalization and religion coexist?

In short, globalization allows for religions previously isolated from one another to now have regular and unavoidable contact. As a result, globalization brings to the light the fact that since religions have similar values, not one of them is “correct” and, therefore, can be changed.

What is the relationship between religion and globalization?

Globalisation helps to increase greater religious tolerance and acceptance of other culture and religion that enhances our mind, knowledge etc. With globalisation religion becomes a culture of pluralism that teach us to respect of other religions.

How globalization affects religions and vice versa?

globalization transforms the generic ‘religion’ into a world-system of competing and conflicting religions. Globalization has therefore had the paradoxical effect of making religions (via their religious leaders and clites) more self-conscious of themselves as being ‘world religions[4].

What is the relationship between regionalization and globalization?

Globalization affects economic, political processes at the global level, but regionalization involves, first of all consideration of various events and the needs of specific areas of the country.

How do the media affect cultural globalization?

The media have an important impact on cultural globalization in two mutually interdependent ways: Firstly, the media provide an extensive transnational transmission of cultural products and, secondly, they contribute to the formation of communicative networks and social structures.

How does culture affect the media?

 Media is influenced by culture as much as the programming or stories that they are enveloped within.  Media cannot escape the cultural influence. Culture provides media with sources for content.  All contents are derived from culture including entertainment, news and advertisement.