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What is the main idea of the story the lottery?

The theme, or central idea, of “The Lottery” is the need to examine the traditions we follow and to abandon or radically modify those that are harmful. We shouldn’t stick to a tradition, the story shows, simply because it has always been followed.

How long is a undergraduate thesis?

60 pages

Is a senior thesis worth it?

After getting lots of disagreement on my blog, I’ve revised that view; a senior thesis can be a great investment if you are dedicated to a question of interest, want to learn how to research, want to strengthen a relationship with a professor, want practice for graduate school, or want to try out research and writing …

How do you format a senior thesis?

Format: Pages should be 8 1/2″ x 11″. Margins should be generous (we suggest 1 1/2″ on the left, 1″ on the right), and pages should be numbered. Do not right-justify. The lines of type must be double-spaced, except for quotations of five lines or more, which should be indented and single-spaced.

Are senior thesis required?

For some students, a senior thesis is a requirement for graduating with honors. Students typically work closely with an advisor and choose a question or topic to explore before carrying out an extensive research plan.

Who has to write a senior thesis?

In general, students who are at the end of their junior year, have an overall 3.2 GPA, and meet their departmental requirements can write a senior thesis.

How long is the Princeton senior thesis?

The length of a senior thesis is generally about 100 double-spaced pages and rarely under 80 pages. No thesis should be longer than 125 pages, including appendices.

How important is an undergraduate thesis?

It gives you a realistic idea of what graduate school will be like. You can use your undergraduate thesis as a starting point for your graduate work. If it’s really good, you can probably get it published and have a competitive advantage over just about everyone else at that age.

Do all majors require a thesis?

Many undergraduate degrees do not require a thesis. Although which ones do and do not depend upon the school. Many schools also allow their Masters students to graduate without a thesis. Finally, all PhDs require a thesis.

What is a undergraduate thesis?

An undergraduate dissertation (or Bachelors dissertation) is essentially an extended piece of research and writing on a single subject. It is typically completed in the final year of a degree programme and the topic is chosen based on a student’s own area of interest.

How do you start an undergraduate thesis?

Start by thinking about what general topics you’re interested in. In your final year, you’re sometimes going to find yourself staying in for a hot date with your thesis rather than socializing with friends. Having a personal interest in your topic will help you stay motivated and maintain momentum.

How long are PhD thesis papers?

A PhD thesis must not exceed 80,000 words, and will normally be near that length. The word limit includes appendices but excludes footnotes, references and bibliography. Footnotes should not exceed 20% of the thesis.