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What is the main theme of A Long Way Gone?

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah takes us into the depths of the Sierra Leone Civil War, which began in 1991. We will look at themes centered around loss of innocence, loss of family, the all pervasive damages of war, and the search for hope.

What does the Palampo mean?

African word for “single,” as in unmarried. Beah’s mother teaches him to cook so that he can eat during his single (palampo) life, but immediately becomes sober and asks him to marry so that she may have grandchildren.

What distracts the rebels and allows Beah and his companions to escape?

As hunger begins to afflict them, they search abandoned villages for food, but find little worth eating. Junior and the others pretend to be corpses, and nearby gunfire in the village distracts the rebels so that the boys are able to make it to the forest undetected.

Why did Ishmael finally have to go to the hospital?

With anger because they wanted the civilians to see them as harmful soldiers. Why did Ishmael finally have to go to the hospital? He punched the windows and it finally stuck.

What was more important than the rice that Ishmael found under the bed?

What was more important than the rice that Ishmael found under the bed? The money. The rice was too heavy and would weigh them down.

What were Ishmael’s symptoms that weren’t detected by the village doctor what were they an indication of?

What were Ishmael’s “symptoms’ that weren’t detected by the village doctor? Beah’s nightmares and migraines increase in intensity to the point of debilitating him from time to time, but he makes no mention of it to the village doctor. 4.

What is the name of Ishmael’s Village?


Why are the soldiers given green head ties?

The boy soldiers clean their AK-47s, gather ammunition, and prepare their backpacks. They’re given green head ties to identify them as army soldiers and told “If [they] see anyone without a head tie …

Which of Ishmael’s friends dies in Chapter 10?

Ishmael learns that Junior has recently been in the village; Ishmael can’t sleep because of his excitement. During the night, Saidu dies, and the boys are responsible for honoring his death and burying his body before they begin travelling again, this time in search of their families.

Why does Ishmael hit Gasemu with a pestle?

Ishmael and his travelling companions walk to the village where they have been told their families are. Ishmael attacks Gasemu as he blames him for taking too long, therefore preventing Ishmael from seeing his family. All the boys begin fighting until they hear the rebels walk into the camp.

How does Ishmael become junior lieutenant?

When he slits someone’s throat and tortures rebels, Ishmael and the men cheer and enjoy the violence. Ishmael quickly and deftly uses his bayonet to slice his prisoner’s Adam’s apple in a zigzag. He is awarded the title of junior lieutenant and celebrates with the other men with more drugs and more war movies.

What is Lieutenant jabati reading?

Lieutenant Jabati—their commander—is trying to prep them for a fight and the village people are curious about what’s going on. Later, Lieutenant Jabati shows Ishmael a book he’s reading—it’s Shakespeare—and Ishmael remembers how he used to recite monologues from Shakespeare’s plays for the people in his village.