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What is the name for the bones of the lower back?

The vertebral column of the lower back includes the five lumbar vertebrae, the sacrum, and the coccyx. These bones work together to provide flexibility to the trunk, support the muscles of the trunk, and protect the spinal cord and spinal nerves of the back. Continue Scrolling To Read More Below…

Which set of bones is in your back and holds up your body?

The spine lets you twist and bend, and it holds your body upright. It also protects the spinal cord, a large bundle of nerves that sends information from your brain to the rest of your body. The spine is special because it isn’t made of one or even two bones: It’s made of 33 bones in all!

What are your bones connected by?

Bones are fastened to other bones by long, fibrous straps called ligaments (pronounced: LIG-uh-mentz). Cartilage (pronounced: KAR-tul-ij), a flexible, rubbery substance in our joints, supports bones and protects them where they rub against each other.

What is the relationship between muscle function and bones?

Muscles keep bones in place and also play a role in the movement of bones. To allow motion, different bones are connected by joints. Cartilage prevents the bone ends from rubbing directly onto each other. Muscles contract to move the bone attached at the joint.

How is the skeleton involved in breathing?

Contraction of the diaphragm (the skeletal muscle below the lungs) causes an increase in the size of the thoracic cavity, while contraction of the external intercostal muscles elevates the ribs and sternum. Thus, both muscles cause the lungs to expand, increasing the volume of their internal air passages.

How does a skeleton help us move?

Joints are triggered by nerves and allow for bones to bend, or can help them stay in place. The human skeletal system provides support, protection and shape to the human body. Nerves send signals from the brain to the muscles to contract, which moves the bones, allowing the skeleton to move.

Which bones allow us to move?

Humerus the top part of your arm and the lower arm bones are called the radius and the ulna. The bony back you have is called the spine and it is made up of 33 vertebrae. Pelvis is your hip bone and it helps you move side to side. Next is your femur.

What would happen to you if you had no bones?

Bones help give your body shape. All your bones together are called your skeleton. When we talk about the way your bones work together it is called your skeletal system. Without your skeleton, you could not stand or even move.