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What is the net result of the proton proton chain?

The net result of this chain is the fusion of four protons into a single ordinary helium nucleus (4He) with energy being released to the star in accordance with Einstein’s equation. Particles called ‘neutrinos’ ( ) are emitted in these fusion processes.

Why couldnt you stand on the sun surface?

Why couldn’t you stand on the Sun’s surface? A. The Sun’s surface is too highly magnetized for anything to survive there.

What two energy transport mechanisms in order from the surface to the outside the core are found in the sun?


Term In astronomy, inferometry can be used to Definition improve the angular resolution of telescopes
Term What two energy transport mechanisms, in order from outside the core to the surface, are found in the sun? Definition radiation, convection

What is the meaning of the solar constant quizlet?

The solar constant is the amount of energy received at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere on a surface oriented perpendicular to the Sun’s rays (at the mean distance of the Earth from the Sun).

What is the meaning of the solar constant?

Solar constant, the total radiation energy received from the Sun per unit of time per unit of area on a theoretical surface perpendicular to the Sun’s rays and at Earth’s mean distance from the Sun. The value of the constant is approximately 1.366 kilowatts per square metre.

What is the solution to the solar neutrino problem quizlet?

What is the solution to solar neutrino problem? The solution to this problem is the ļ¬nding that neutrinos oscillate between three different types as they travel through space between the Sun and the Earth.

What is the best solution to what was known as the solar neutrino problem?

The solar neutrino problem was resolved with an improved understanding of the properties of neutrinos. According to the Standard Model of particle physics, there are three flavors of neutrinos: electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos, and tau neutrinos.

What is the only force that can overcome the repulsion?

At large distances, two nuclei repel one another because of the repulsive electrostatic force between their positively charged protons. If two nuclei can be brought close enough together, however, the electrostatic repulsion can be overcome by the attractive nuclear force, which is stronger at close distances.

Why do we say the solar cycle is 22 years long?

Why is the solar cycle said to have a period of 22 years, even though the sunspot cycle is only 11 years long? Because every 11 years it reaches a sunspot maximum, and 11 more years to a sunspot minimum. the magnetic cycle of the sun is 22 years.

Why does the sun have an 11-year cycle?

The Short Answer: The Sun’s magnetic field goes through a cycle, called the solar cycle. Every 11 years or so, the Sun’s magnetic field completely flips. This means that the Sun’s north and south poles switch places. Then it takes about another 11 years for the Sun’s north and south poles to flip back again.

What is the 11-year solar cycle?

The solar cycle is an approximately 11-year cycle experienced by the Sun. During the solar cycle, the Sun’s stormy behavior builds to a maximum, and its magnetic field reverses. Then, the Sun settles back down to a minimum before another cycle begins.