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What is the word for the place where two streets intersect in Spanish?


Principal Translations
Inglés Español
The two streets intersect at the church.
Las dos calles se cruzan en la iglesia.
intersect [sth]⇒ vtr (cross, cut across) cruzar⇒ vtr

How do you describe an intersection?

An intersection is a point where two lines or streets cross. There are two places you’re most likely to find intersections: in math class and in traffic. In math, an intersection is the spot where two lines cross. Those lines share this common point. From the intersection, you can choose to travel down either street.

What is another word for passive?

Some common synonyms of passive are idle, inactive, inert, and supine.

What is the opposite of being passive?

Passive is the opposite of active. In chemistry, a passive substance doesn’t react. Passive resistance is a way to protest peacefully.

What is a antonym for passive?

passive(adjective) Antonyms: active, aggressive. Synonyms: idle, disinterested, uninvolved, inactive.

What makes someone a pacifist?

noun. a person who believes in pacifism or is opposed to war or to violence of any kind. a person whose personal belief in pacifism causes him or her to refuse being drafted into military service. Compare conscientious objector.

What is selective pacifism?

A selective pacifist refers to a person who selects carefully what s/he does, and will only fight in just wars, not unjust wars. They believe that pacifism is a matter of degree, and only oppose wars involving weapons of mass destruction. For example, nuclear or chemical and biological weapons.

Are we against war and violence?

Pacifism, the principled opposition to war and violence as a means of settling disputes. Pacifism may entail the belief that the waging of war by a state and the participation in war by an individual are absolutely wrong, under any circumstances.