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What phase of mitosis is each chromosome connected to a spindle fiber?


What organelle anchors the spindle fibers?

Centrioles form the distal attachment points for the microtubules that bind to the kinetochore. During anaphase, the centrioles anchor the spindle fibers at opposite ends of the cell and allow the microtubules to pull the chromatids apart.

What is the relationship between chromatin and chromosomes quizlet?

Chromatin is the DNA and proteins that make up a chromosome. Chromosomes are the separate pieces of DNA in a cell. And Chromatids are identical pieces of DNA held together by a centromere.

What are the two parts of mitochondria?

Mitochondria, organelles specialized to carry out aerobic respiration, contain an inner membrane folded into cristae, which form two separate compartments: the inner membrane space and the matrix.

How does oxygen enter the mitochondria in an urchin?

The Purple Sea Urchin obtains oxygen through diffusion only (the diffusion of oxygen into the organism). Also, oxygen diffuses from the canals into the rest of the body and carbon dioxide diffuses back into the canals to be released.

What is the relationship between water clarity and urchin survival?

Explanation: The higher the water clarity, the lower/or negligible is the number of urchin found in that particular water body. It is so because sea urchins prefer to stay in water bodies with proximity to rock pools and mud. Most commonly they are found on coral reefs of kelp forest or sea grass bed.

What cell makes glucose?


How does oxygen enter the mitochondria quizlet?

Oxygen enters the mitochondria: By diffusion, at a rate that is dependent on the difference in O2 partial pressure between the blood systemic capillaries and the mitochondria.

How does oxygen enter a cell quizlet?

The oxygen molecules move, by diffusion, out of the capillaries and into the body cells. Now, pretend that you are the byproduct of cellular respiration, carbon dioxide. Describe your journey from the body tissue of the same human to the air surrounding said human.