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What plan does the host propose to the pilgrims how do the pilgrims respond to his proposal?

What is the storytelling plan he suggests? This plan was for entertainment and to pass the time on the long journey he proposed that each pilgrims tell two take in the way there and two on the way back. What will the winner receive? The host will join the group and serve as the judge.

What game does the host suggest in Canterbury Tales?

The Host proposes the tale-telling game at dinner the night before the pilgrims embark for Canterbury. In the morning of the pilgrims’ departure, the Host wakes all the pilgrims up and gets them on the road. The Host has the pilgrims draw lots to decide who will go first, thus beginning the tale-telling game.

What is the contest the innkeeper proposes?

Before beginning the journey, the Innkeepers proposes a contest of storytelling. The winner Canterbbury the storytelling contest win a paid for dinner. After the Knight tells his story, the Miller proposes to share his own story. The Miller is a heavy drinker, who often tells inappropriate and vulgar jokes.

What was the reward for winning the storytelling contest?

In Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, the prize for telling the best tale on their pilgrimage was a free dinner, paid for by all who are going on the journey to Canterbury.

What game does the host propose to the pilgrims what is in it for the host?

What game does the host propose to the pilgrims? He proposed that they each tell two stories on the way to and from Canterbury.

How will the host decide the winner in the Canterbury Tales?

They decide to have a storytelling competition competition to pass the time. The winner will get a free dinner.

What role does the host play in the Canterbury Tales?

The Host is the major mover and shaker of the frame story of The Canterbury Tales, since it’s he who proposes the tale-telling game and directs it on the way to Canterbury. The Host takes all his tales extremely seriously, becoming very emotionally involved in them.

Why is the character of the host important to the story?

He establishes the main frame narrative of the Tales, since he is the one who proposes the tale-telling game and sets the rules that it will follow. The Host joins the pilgrimage not as a figure seeking religious guidance but as guide and judge to the game.

What does Chaucer think of the host?

The Host is a lower-class commoner, but highly regarded in that class. Chaucer seems to like him and enjoy his company.

What bargain or agreement did the rioters make at the tavern?

What bargain or agreement did the rioters make at the tavern? They met an old man as the began their journey.

What is the Wife of Bath concerned about when she goes to church?

Is concerned that she is the first one to the alter when she goes to church and that she is wearing the best clothes- people approached the alter according to social rank, so her concern suggests that she cares more about status than spirituality.