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What SATA standard provides a transfer rate of 3 Gb per second?

SATA 3.0 is the most recent standard, which was officially released on May 27, 2009. Once again, SATA 3.0 doubled the maximum data transfer rate from 3Gb/s to 6Gb/s.

What is the transfer speed for SATA I?


What is the speed of data transfer for SATA 3.0 drives?

The full 3.0 standard was released on May 27, 2009. Third-generation SATA interfaces run with a native transfer rate of 6.0 Gbit/s; taking 8b/10b encoding into account, the maximum uncoded transfer rate is 4.8 Gbit/s (600 MB/s). The theoretical burst throughput of SATA 6.0 Gbit/s is double that of SATA revision 2.0.

Which country has the best WIFI 2020?

Countries with the Fastest Fixed Broadband in 2020

  1. Singapore – 218.07Mbps. Singapore is still one of the best countries when it comes to fixed broadband.
  2. Hong Kong (SAR) – 205.69Mbps.
  3. Romania – 175.39Mbps.
  4. Thailand – 173.41Mbps.
  5. Switzerland – 170.67Mbps.
  6. Liechtenstein – 164.47Mbps.
  7. Monaco – 164.31Mbps.
  8. South Korea – 159.98Mbps.

Why is Internet so expensive in Germany?

Internet costs in Germany are generally high because of the monopoly of Deutsche Telekom. They own all of the telephone infrastructure through which DSL users consume internet at home. At such they take their cuts from internet providers, who rely on them. Eventually, the end-user bears the burden of covering the cost.

How do I get Internet in Germany?

The process is fairly similar for all internet providers in Germany :

  1. Find the offer that you’d like to have.
  2. Enter your address on their website to check for available speeds in your building.
  3. Enter your personal information.
  4. Wait for contract confirmation.
  5. Receive your modems – Wifi Routers.

What is the average Internet speed in Germany?


How much does wifi cost in Germany?

In terms of costs, expect around 25 euros a month for a DSL line (16Mbits/sec), as well as one-time fees for hardware and set-up (between 40 and 100 euros). You will need a German bank account for this. Flexibility is a deep concern for most army personnel when considering a German internet provider.

Is there free WiFi in Germany?

In most cases, you have unlimited use of WiFi for free. Depending on where you are, you may be able to find WiFi on local public transportation. In major cities, buses and trains are usually equipped with it. You will likely need to agree to the terms and conditions before using WiFi on public transportation.

What is the cheapest Internet offer?

Cheap broadband deals on in April 2021

Package Broadband speed Contract length
Vodafone Superfast 2 63Mb average* 24 months
TalkTalk Unlimited Fast Broadband and Phone Line 11Mb average* 18 months
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband & Phone Line 36Mb average* 18 months
Vodafone Superfast 1 35Mb average* 24 months

How can I get cheap Internet fast?

Get the best value from your internet service by evaluating your usage….6 Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill

  1. Buy your own modem and router.
  2. Reduce your speed.
  3. Negotiate your bill.
  4. Bundle your services.
  5. Check on government subsidy.
  6. Get cheap, bare-bones internet service.

What is the best Internet deal?

The 7 Best Cheap Internet Service Providers

  • AT Internet — Fast, Affordable DSL.
  • Verizon Fios — No-Contract Fiber Plans.
  • Frontier Communications — Low-Cost Equipment.
  • Comcast XFINITY — Fastest Max Speed.
  • CenturyLink — Price for Life Guarantee.
  • Charter Spectrum — Contract Buyout Offer.