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What set of reflections would carry parallelogram?

“y-axis, x-axis, y-axis, x-axis” is the set of reflections among the following choices given in the question that would carry parallelogram ABCD onto itself.

What set of reflections would carry ABCD onto itself?

The set of reflections that would carry rectangle ABCD back to itself is: y-axis, x-axis, y-axis, x-axis. By reflecting the original image over y-axis, the transformed image moves to the 1st quadrant of the cartesian plane.

What set of reflections and rotations would carry rectangle ABCD onto itself Brainly?

“Reflect over the y-axis, reflect over the x-axis, rotate 180°” is the set of reflections and rotations among the choices given in the question that would carry rectangle ABCD onto itself.

What set of transformations could be applied to rectangle ABCD to create ABCD?

The rectangle ABCD is reflected about y-axis and then rotated 180° to obtain A’B’C’D’. Hence, the second rectangle is formed by: Reflection over the y-axis and rotation of 180°.

How do you carry a shape onto itself?

A shape has symmetry if it can be indistinguishable from its transformed image. A shape has rotation symmetry if there exists a rotation less than /begin{align*}360^/circ/end{align*} that carries the shape onto itself.

Which transformation would map a rectangle onto itself?

SOLUTION: A figure in the plane has rotational symmetry if the figure can be mapped onto itself by a rotation between 0° and 360° about the center of the figure. The given figure has rotational symmetry. The number of times a figure maps onto itself as it rotates from 0° to 360° is called the order of symmetry.

How do you map a parallelogram on its own?

A parallelogram has rotational symmetry of order 2. Thus, rotation transformation maps a parallelogram onto itself 2 times during a rotation of about its center. And that is at and about its center. Therefore, a 180° rotation about its center will always map a parallelogram onto itself .

What is the smallest degree of rotation that will map a regular 15 Gon onto itself?


Which shape of rotated 120 degrees will coincide with itself?

regular hexagon

Which rotation will carry a hexagon onto itself?

Each subsequent rotation by 60° also maps a hexagon onto itself. There are 5 such rotations: by 60°, 120°, 180°, 240° and 300° (the next is 360° which isn’t allowed by the conditions). So the answer is 5.

Which transformation would carry a rhombus onto itself?


Which transformation carries the trapezoid onto itself?

only a rotation of 360° about any point will carry each trapezoid onto itself, the nonisosceles trapezoid has no lines of reflection, and the isosceles trapezoid has only one – the line that contains the midpoints of the two parallel sides.

What are the angles of rotation for a regular pentagon?

The order of rotational symmetry of a regular pentagon is 5. The angle of rotation is 72º.